Thursday, November 15, 2012


For some reason, the awesome updated Blogger app that I tweeted about yesterday ate my Wordless Wednesday post. Its showing up on the app but not on my dash on the computer. Very strange.

Lately, I've also had an issue with a ton of comment spam. Is anyone else having this issue? My page views have gone up drastically, but I'm pretty sure they aren't legit views.. ): I know it's annoying, but I'm considering adding the image verification thing back so that I don't have to deal with the spam at all.

I'm currently working on a pretty cool painting that I saw in a magazine. It's paint splashed onto two canvases. I started out with black and I'm going to top it with silver and red to kind of match the bench that I'm working on. The black layer is drying. It shouldn't be too much longer until V and I can do the two other colors.

While the paint is drying, we're watching Noodle & Doodle on OnDemand. I seriously love this show! There are a ton of fun craft and recipe ideas to do with kids.

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  1. I have had the same problem with spam comments! It's starting to get really annoying.

  2. I had to remove anonymous comments because of the exact same thing and my page views are off the wall but I know it's all spam. It's crazy how bad it is getting! :(

  3. I have a lot of spam from Bear Grylls. How does he have time to read my blog? Isn't he busy eating heads off of freakishly large insects and not cooking his squirrel meat thoroughly? I'm all about British outdoorsy guys reading my little ol' blawg, but at least leave me a comment that makes me believe you have a firm handle on the English language.

  4. I never get spam comments so I dont have any advice. Hope it stops soon :(

  5. I am not famous enough for spam yet!! I hate those photo verification things because I have a knack for getting them wrong, but would hate the spam, so totally understand why people have them! You should post a photo of the paintings when you are done with them! Sounds like they will look great! You stopped by my blog, and I wanted to come check yours out. Looking forward to reading more about your life as an army wife and mommy!


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