Monday, November 12, 2012

Life Is Good

Up until lately, it seems like I've been super busy with life. And by life, I mean Pinterest projects and FRG. Tomorrow night will be my second to last FRG meeting as the leader for this Company. It has been a very long three years as FRG leader and I am so ready to be done with it. Don't get me wrong, I love the FRG, but with this deployment and all of the drama that came with it, I'm happy to be giving it a break.

Last night, a friend and I went to the Rear D commander's house to hang out and drink with him and his wife and discuss what has happened. We had a fun, kid-free night that was spent talking s#!t. It's sad that the actions one person was enough to make me re-think my time as an FRG volunteer. I'm thankful that both commanders fully have my back and didn't let me create a huge issue in my crazy mind.

Since that BS has been dealt with, I think I've been able to relax a little more and just let go of the FRG tension that I've been holding on to. I am beyond happy that this year is almost over, and I'm almost able to relax. For the past couple of days I've been communicating with the parents of Single Soldiers, who have just been phenomenal! No matter how many crazy wives I have to deal with, the awesome parents always make it worth while.

Today the girls and I went to watch the Matthew Freeman 5K Run For Peace at a park near our house. A bunch of our Army friends were running and we wanted to support. Last year, Hubs' company did it as a Company just before the deployment.; many of the Soldiers placed. One of the Soldiers that placed first in his age group was SGT Joshua Born. He was KIA earlier this year. There was a moment to honor him and the group of Soldiers was presented with a flag.

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  1. Love that you're volunteering with your Frg!

  2. OHHHH FRG. Such an interesting dynamic.. isn't it?? LOL
    Bless your heart for having to put up with all that, and also, awesome for you, for volunteering. It makes me sad that sometimes the actions of one person, can seriously scare off someone from working with the FRG. I definitely didn't have a good experience with my first one! LOL

    Anyway, I went to follow you on twitter, and realized I already do! So HI, glad to find your blog! small world!!
    I can't wait to really get my blog up and running and to read more of yours!!

    Toodles Chickadoodle!


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