Friday, November 30, 2012

My Best Friend, Kirby

On January 2, of this year, I was introduced to the Kirby Sentria. There was a knock on the door and the girl standing there told me that she had a gift for me if I would let her give me a demo of her product. Of course I wasn't really interested, I had been wearing the same pajamas for two days, and the house was a disaster. And of course I said yes.

Well.. The demo took three, maybe four hours. It surpassed ridiculous and was borderline annoying. This vacuum though, it was amazing. It did everything! You can literally paint your walls or change a lightbulb with a Kirby. My current vacuum was losing suction and I was in the market for a new one anyway, so I kept listening. And then we got to the price. I was ready to drop several hundreds of dollars, but I wasn't at all expecting the insane price that I was quoted.

$2400.... What?! No. I told the guy to leave. Being that this was a vacuum sales man, he had all sorts of "deals". If I gave him my old vac, that'd be several hundred off. If I donated a certain number of cans, that'd be a couple hundred off. If donated to Toys for Tots (even though it was well after Christmas), more money off. The price ended up getting down to $1400, which I still was comfortable paying without talking to my husband first. Lucky for me, there was no direct line to Afghanistan, so buddy had to leave.

Fast forward to September. As I glanced out of my front window, I noticed shady people knocking on my neighbors doors. Please, please, please come to my house..! Sure enough they did!! The moment I had been waiting NINE months for. The salesman started on some shpeel about they had a new office in the area and wanted to demo their equipment. "Save it. I know what you want. I want your vacuum." I straight up told the guy that I didn't want a demo, I didn't want my time wasted, and I wasn't going to pay more than $1200. Easy peasy. He did stick around for a tiny bit just to show me some features and help me learn to use it.

I've done some research and apparently the Kirby salespeople always tell you not to mention to your neighbors "how good of a deal you got". Well friends and neighbors, I think I got a pretty good deal. I paid a lot less than some of the other wives that I know. If you have a Kirby, how much did you pay? It's a fantastic appliance, but definitely not worth getting screwed for.

Anyway, I recently found a recipe online to make your own dry foam for the Kirby shampooer. You can make it for a fraction of the price of the actual shampoo, and considering that one bottle of shampoos doesn't go very far, this is a great deal! I'll be sharing that tomorrow as well as my own version of the recipe. Being at my parents' house got me out of the blogging routine, so hopefully sharing my love for Kirby will help get me back.

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  1. Holy hell..for that price that thing better make me dinner, do the laundry and go grocery shopping!

    I'm so glad you love it though.


  2. I'm so jealous! We had a Kirby demo like 8 years ago and I've not seen them since (probably because we moved to a neighborhood that doesn't allow them to sale). I don't know that I'd get one at that price, but man did I love it and want one so badly! Have fun!

  3. AHHH I love my Kirby and me and my old neighbor in Cali got it both for 1100$ cause he "cut us a deal" if we both bought it lol

  4. I had a friend get hers for 800 because she knew someone that got theirs for 700. I didn't know when I went to get mine and paid 1180


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