Monday, November 5, 2012


I know most of the moms will be able to relate to this. If you're not a mom, this might be TMI.

With V exploding diapers were a regular thing. They'd happen probably once a week. Sometimes more, never less. She was fed jar baby food so the stuff went right through her. Sitting in the Bumbo would cause it to squish up everywhere. Thankfully with Baby A I've done this Baby Led Weaning thing and her poop is pretty solid and we've averted any issues for the past 10 months and 29 (28?) days. Today changed all of that.

I woke up to a poopsplosion. My poor Baby A was the victim. It was seriously everywhere! Thankfully, there was no damage to the walls or carpet. I have no idea what the hell I was thinking giving her prunes, prune juice, and beans yesterday. I'll spare you the graphic images that could have accompanied this post and just leave you with a cute one of the clean up.

I hope this isn't an indication of how my week is going to go. Hahaha!

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  1. She is so cute!!!! I don't think this is TMI at all (and I'm not a mom yet lol). :)

  2. Oh goodness, what a way to start the day!

  3. That is always a great way to start a day!

  4. haha! my first had the same poopsplosion problem, his was the whole time he was breastfeeding. I remember sleepers with poop up to his neck! The clean up is always cute though, I started to wonder if it wasn't all a clever rouse to get him in the bath where he liked it!

  5. But soooo cute all cleaned up!


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