Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's November!

It seriously feels as though this year has flown by! Just over ten months ago, Hubster kissed me goodbye on our front porch and headed off to Afghanistan. I'm excited to say that next month he'll be home for good! I'm expecting him to be home for Christmas which is part of of the reason I'm so excited for the holiday this year.

Although he's missed a year's worth of holidays, he was particularly sad about missing Halloween. It was Baby A's first time trick or treating and the first time that V could actually walk up to houses and say trick or treat on her own.

Last night we went trick or treating with a bunch of the other families from our Company. We all met before hand for some pizza and cupcakes. All of the kids were about the same age, so it worked out perfectly. We went trick or treating on post, which was a tiny bit crazy in my opinion. There were seriously hundreds of kids. It was a little wild. Especially with the older kids trampling over our little guys.

Towards the end, it got a bit chilly so I had the girls in jackets with their jeans underneath their dresses. Since she was just chilling in the stroller, Baby A had a blanket too. It made me wonder though, how do kids trick or treat up north??

All in all, we had a fun night! V got a whole bunch of stuff, most of which has been consumed today. There wasn't really anything worthy of being stolen though. I'd say the candy tax was pretty low this year. I guess since the economy sucks, people weren't willing to spend the big bucks on the good stuff.

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  1. I love the pictures and YAY that your husband will be home very soon! I am so excited for you and the kids! :)

  2. Your little ones are too cute! So glad your hubby will be home soon! It is great what you do for our country (and yes I mean you being the mom at home! your job is just as hard as his! Our soldiers need the home support to do what they do successfully!) I've nominated you for a Liebster award at

  3. SO GLAD he is supposed to be home for Christmas! Yay!!! And while I feel like we handed out "good" candy here (butterfingers and crunch bars), they aren't my favorite so I'm not too tempted to eat them. Kicking myself for not buying some Reeses, although if I'd done that, there probably wouldn't have been any candy handed out at my house. Just me, sitting with the candy bowl on the kitchen floor, cursing the dang wrappers. ;)


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