Tuesday, November 27, 2012

People Suck

One of our credit cards was hacked and I'm pissed. I'm almost positive that I know how it happened. Thankfully, USAA is a fabulous company to do business with and they're taking care of us.

Last week as I was driving to Miami for Thanksgiving I had to make a stop for gas. It's always a regular stop that we make to fill up the tank, grab some food or drinks, and switch from I-95 to the Turnpike. While at the gas station I was approached by a girl asking if I had perfume. Umm... No. Sorry.. It was strange, but I just figured that her and her friends across the parking lot were smoking weed.

Fast forward to last night. I logged on to my USAA account since its the end of the month to check how much cash we had. It might be kinda strange, but I like to challenge myself at the end of the month to see how much cash I can transfer to the savings account. I figured that I'd be doing great this month since I've been at my parents' house and haven't spent anything. Wrong-o!! Holy crap. The amount was close to $1000 lower than it should have been. At first I panicked, and then I called USAA. Luckily Hubs was online just at that moment so I could ask if he had been shopping.

I have a feeling that the chick at the gas station was some how able to magnetically steal my account details. Now I'm kicking myself because usually I don't take the whole wallet out of the car but this time I did.

The two people that helped me I the phone were great. I cried and one of the guys was so sympathetic and understanding.

So now I have to wait for the fraud department to investigate and get us our money back. The great thing about USAA is that you're not responsible for fraudulent purchases made with your account.

I hope everyone else has had a much lovelier start to their week. Mother Nature isn't agreeing with me either and I've been in crippling pain.

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  1. Oh no! That sucks, some people have no morals. I hope it gets sorted out for you :( xx

  2. That does suck! USAA is a good company thankfully.

  3. Oh no! This is horrible!
    And at the worst time of the year, as if any time of the year would be better :(
    You're right, USAA is incredible in their services to us and protecting our funds. Hope this all works out quickly!!!
    Found you through the Wednesday Walkabout!


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