Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It's been a hectic day and I haven't had a chance to blog. I just wanted to share some of the photos I took earlier this year while visiting the World Trade Center Memorial in New York. 

Our Army family was up at West Point for a wedding, but we had a day to kill, so we spent it in the city. We started at the museum portion of the memorial. Walking through the museum was extremely touching. The wall were lined photos of things such as the missing posters that went up around the city after the September 11th tragedy. Videos and twisted pieces if metal recounted the events of that day. At the time, it felt wrong to take pictures inside of the museum. Now, I wish I would have. It was truly an eye opening experience. 

From the museum we walked a few blocks to where the fountains now stand and the Freedom Tower was being built. Security limits the amount of entrants to keep the plaza from becoming overcrowded. Although there were a ton of people there, the massive area wasn't crowded at all. At the time, it was still winter, so the trees were all bare, but I can only image what a peaceful experience it must be on a spring day. 

Here are some of the photos.

Love, Alex

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  1. Gorgeous photos, it is such an amazing and humbling experience to visit. I'm so glad you were able to.

  2. we went to the memorial last year, it was very meaningful.

  3. What an experience!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. I really need to make my way into the museum!

  5. Wow -- I can only imagine how touching that experience must be.


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