Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hobby Lobby Haul

I love me some Hobby Lobby! They have EVERYTHING! Craft stuff, furniture stuff, decoration stuff, everything. It's such a shame that I only learned about this store about two years ago. What's an even bigger shame, is that it's an hour and a half away. Back in Georgia, it was about 45 minutes away, so it wasn't a huge mission if I needed to go pick something up. Yesterday was my first time making the trip to Hobby Lobby since we've been in Missouri.

I picked up so many wonderful crafty fun items on my shopping trip. I had to stock up since there isn't a store near my parents' or mother-in-law's house in Florida. It's nearly impossible for me to pass up Hobby Lobby sales. Oh, and that 40% off coupon that they always have, my favorite!!

Future game day dresses
Since the girls' Florida dresses were stolen, they're getting newer more modern ones.
Jersey knit
The grey stripe fabric is to make myself a nice long skirt. The polka dots, I have no idea. It was cute.

Christmas fabric
Last year I decided that homemade pajama pants would be a Christmas tradition for us. Last year's pants were fleece, but since we'll be on a tropical island for Christmas this year, I thought a thin cotton might be best. 

Chalkboard and markers
I might be a little late getting to the chalkboard board craze, but I've arrived! I chose a quatrefoil shape, in honor of my sorority. I'm excited to give the markers a try! I envision that all of those pretty chalkboard images on Pinterest are done with markers. 
Itty bitty cookie cutters
These were in the clay section, but I bought them to make cute little bento lunches. And I'm sure everyone has seen those homemade gummy bears on Pinterest. 

Cardboard letters
The fat one will be wrapped in twine, and the thin one will probably be painted black and hung up on the photo wall. But I screwed up guys.. Our last name is hyphenated which apparently means I was supposed to buy an F and an R. Oops. Not my fault. It's not like our hyphenated last name is half Hubs' and half mine. Nope, all his. My maiden name is five letters, so I went from that, to not being able to fit my full name on a credit card.

Cricut stuff!
A cute new cartridge for a great price, and fresh blades. I can't wait to open up the cartridge, and see all of the cute images that I'll be able to cut. 

Not super exciting, but they'll be a nice addition to some of the pages I already have put together.

Lots and lots of paper.

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Love, Alex

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  1. I LOVE hobby lobby, not that I am that crafty. But I mean that store is just amazing. When we lived in GA I would just buy things at random hoping I could inspire my inner martha stewart to come out!

  2. I wish I had a Hobby Lobby near me. It's probably better I don't or I would be broke. I love the idea of homemade Christmas pjs.

  3. I can't wait to see all the fun things you're going to do with all of this. And now I want Christmas pajamas - Esty shop please! :)

  4. Oh how I love Hobby Lobby, so glad it's not close to me because I would be there everyday haha.

  5. Hobby Lobby does have some great stuff. It makes me wish I were crafty.

  6. I love Hob Lob. And I'm also going to start making us Christmas jammies. Even Purrburger gets a set.

  7. They literally just built a hobby lobby 3 blocks from our house...right by a dunkin donuts too. It's hard to stay away from both places!!

  8. I love the fabric you got! I wish I had a Hobby Lobby nearby! Actually, you've inspired me to find out where is there a Hobby Lobby! I actually think there is one in Harlem.

    1. Actually, never's Michaels that's in Harlem... :(

  9. Jealous of your haul! And more jealous that you sew! I want to, but I lose interest wayyy too fast. I hope you post a picture of the gameday dresses, I bet they'll be super cute!

  10. WOW! I love Hobby Lobby, but not as much as you lol! ;) Looks like you have a lot of great projects to work on! ;)

  11. Hobby lobby is fabulous, but sadly we don't have one near us (our Joann's is pretty big though) looks like you got some great finds!

  12. Ohhh! So much good stuff! I'm jealous of your sewing skills.

  13. I see a lot of creative blog posts in your future!! I can't wait to see what you create!

  14. Love everything! That chalkboard looks like lots of crafty fun! I wish there was a Hobby Lobby here in So Cal! So jealous! :)

  15. I miss Hobby Lobby so much! Back home in Texas, it was at the most a ten minute drive. It is nowhere to be found in California! Gotta get back to the south. Hands down, better than Michael's or Joann's. You're right -Hobby Lobby has everything!

  16. So ridiculously jealous! There isn't one around here within a decent drive [in my opinion] and I've been dying to check this store out. I hear so many great things about it!


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