Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snowball Effect

You know when lots of little things start to build up and eventually you just explode? Yeah, that was me yesterday.

I woke up with the intent of having a fabulous day with the girls. Going to the park, a nice picnic lunch, and just having fun in general and not being a mean mommy. Before I even made it down the stairs, the inside of the refrigerator was flooded with milk. I actually intended on linking up at Raising Reagan, about not crying over spilled milk. After an hour of cleanup, I really didn't feel like blogging, and I was angry and crying about spilled milk.

Shortly after the milk fiasco was taken care of, I headed over to the Hawaiian animal quarantine website to see if they had updated their microchip list. Normally it's updated every Friday, and Caesar should have been on last Friday's list with the date that he'd be allowed to enter Hawaii. The list was updated yesterday morning, but Caesar wasn't on it. There were other pets whose test dates were after his, so I knew something was up. I called the vet, and they hadn't received any results. They said that a copy should have also been mailed today, but that didn't happen either. As I usually do, I feared the worst, and panic set in.

About a half hour later, the vet called and let me know that the results had been mailed at the beginning of September and that the lab was going to fax over a copy. I'm a little annoyed that neither of the three results that were sent made it to their destination. I can understand the vet or myself not receiving them since they could have screwed up the address. But Hawaii is where the majority of their results need to be sent, so I'm not sure how they could've screwed up that address.

Tons of other smalls fights between the girls and having to clean up the same mess 4503 times eventually led to my early bed time. Between the stress of moving, and the constant arguing with the girls, I was done. Today I'm feeling slightly refreshed and in a much better mood. We're just waiting for a confirmation from the moving company as to what day they'll be here, so that we can set our plans in stone. Yay!

I'm hoping to head to Goodwill this afternoon, and hopefully find some sweet deals to share tomorrow.

Have a happy hump day!!

Love, Alex

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  1. This was me yesterday too! This move has been the worst and trying to unpack and organize with three kids is a joke!! And the fighting...oh the fighting between the boys is driving me crazy!! I too gave up and went to bed early. Today has started out a little better...let's hope it stays that way for both of us :)

  2. My biggest fear about our next PCS is moving our pup. I'm terrified. So sorry you still don't have your fur baby :(

  3. Hugs friend! I'm so sorry that things have been stressful. If you need to vent I'm here. :)

  4. Yikes! Hopefully today is a better day for you :)
    BTW, I'm loving the new layout! :)

  5. I hope you are having a better day. And I hope you found deals!

  6. I'm glad they found the lab results! That would have been terrible.

  7. Thank goodness they found the results. Moving 2 dogs to Hawaii about 2 years ago almost gave me a heart attack so I feel your pain. I hope everything turns out OK.

  8. I seriously hate days like that :( But I'm glad they found the lab results...I hope everything gets better


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