Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's Award Season

Is it award season? I really don't know. I mostly hate award shows. My favorites never win. When it comes to blog awards though, three of my favorites were nominated, and have nominated me. Yay!

The first award is the Squirrely Blogger Award, from Lanaya at Raising Reagan. I have no idea what the hell that means, but I suppose it's a good thing? Do I resemble a rabid animal with nuts in my mouth. Bahaha! For this award I get to let you guys in on seven quirky facts about myself and nominate a few other bloggers for the award.

1. I don't like odd numbers. Everything has to have a pair.
2. I cut my own hair. I have a way to layer it perfectly, and don't trust anyone else to do it to my standards.
3. Mustaches creep me out. Thank you military grooming standards!
4. I prefer to drive barefoot. Actually, I prefer to do most things barefoot. I blame my dad.
5. I'm a big judgmental B. I always feel bad afterwards when people are nothing like what I though.
6. I could live on boneless BBQ wings and bleu cheese. OMG! YUM!
7. I don't mind watching the Barney theme song all day if it means that the girls will act right.

Kelsey at Pardon My French
Jenn at Life with the Lieutenant
    My second award is the Sunshine Award, from Jen at The Adventures of Our Army Life AND Nicole at Adventures of a Semper Fi Family. Funny that they have similar but opposite-ish names, right?

    The Rules Are:
    1. Include the award logo in your post.
    2. Link to the person who nominated you.
    3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
    4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award.
    Jen's questions for me were:
    1. What is your biggest fear? One of my biggest fears is that something will happen to me, and my girls won't have me around as they're growing up.
    2. Are you a night owl or an early bird? Most definitely a night owl! I hate having to wake up early in the mornings.
    3. If you could change one thing from your past what would it be? Probably doing better in college, and being more involved. I didn't have bad grades, but they weren't great either. I did the sorority thing, but I wish I would have done more outside of that.
    4. Do you have any pets, if so what kind? My big ole baby Caesar. He's a pit/lab mix.
    5. Did you do everything you wanted to do this summer? Not everything, but we did get a bunch of the items on my Bucket List knocked off.
    6. What is your favorite song? I can't help but dance in the car every time Blurred Lines comes on. Come on guys, Robin Thicke is hot.
    7. If you were on a deserted island what 3 things would you take with you? Cell phone and charger (it counts as one), some sunscreen, and my hubby to find us food and build shelter. LOL
    8. Would you rather cook or go out to eat? Because I'm totally cheap, I always choose cooking. I'd much rather have someone cooking for me for free thought.
    9. What is your dream car? Is it totally insane that I hope to own a Bentley GT Continental one day? We'd only have to sell our house to be able to afford it.
    10. If you could have any job in the world what would it be? I wish I could have my college job back. I worked at Armani doing the visual stuff in the store. Dressing mannequins, putting vinyls on the windows, placing items on the shelves. It was seriously such a fun job. Basically I got to make things pretty all day.

    And here are Nicole's questions:
    1. What is the most recent thing you bought for yourself (food doesn't count)? Share a pic. I've done so much shopping lately! My dress for the military ball, which I'm not revealing yet, but yesterday a package came from Target. I got an EOS ball. I'm obsessed with them, and trying to grow my rainbow.

    2. If you could hop a plane this weekend and go anywhere in the US, where would you go? Why? Seriously, Hawaii! LOL I am SO ready to be there already! This next month can't go by quickly enough!
    3. Who is the first person you call when you have good news? Depends on what it is.. It varies from Hubster, to sister, to mom.
    4. What is your least favorite blog topic to read? No one hate me please. I really don't like reviews or sponsored guest posts. I realize I do them from time to time, but lately I've only been accepting things that I'm really really interested in, or really apply to my life and the life of my readers. I have one post coming up in a few weeks that I'm super excited about.
    5. What is your favorite blog topic to read? I really like reading informative posts relating to military life, and kid stuff.
    6. What is the 10th picture on your phone (or computer)? We want to see it! I just recently deleted all of the photos on my phone to make new ones, so this is pretty recent.

    7. What is one thing you do to spoil yourself? Does taking a shower count? LOL Showering might be my high point each week.
    8. Who is your favorite coffee date? My battle buddy Jac, back at Fort Stewart. She would make me coffee every morning before the gym when our guys were gone.
    9. Share the link to your favorite blog post from your blog. I really liked this one, about real life friends knowing about my blog.
    10. What blogger would you most like to have a blate (blogger date)? It's so hard to only pick one! I'd really like to meet Jen, hopefully one day our Army paths cross. I'm pretty excited that I'll get to meet this Jen pretty soon!

    And now for my questions and nominees:

    10 Questions from Munchkins and the Military
    1. What person in your life do you most look up to?
    2. Did you have a favorite subject in school and why was it your favorite?
    3. Who is one person you'd like to switch places with for a day. 
    4. How did you parents choose your name?
    5. Do you have a favorite holiday? Why?
    6. What do you never leave home without?
    7. Are you team iPhone or Android?
    8. What is one place in the world that you'd like to visit?
    9. If you significant other was on trial for something serious, would you lie to protect them?
    10. Do you have a favorite YouTube video? Share the link!

    Amanda at Cats, Cuddling & Carrot Cake
    Jen at Beebee Belly
    Paulina at Color Me Brave
    Whitney at Black Little Button
    Dara at Not in Jersey
    Meghan at Mama's Little Spoon
    Megan at Growing Up is Actually Kind of Fun
    Becca at Faith, Love & Babies

    Thank you for the awards ladies! Have a great weekend!

    Love, Alex

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    1. "I'm a big judgemental B" hahahaha! Me too, girlfriend. I feel like it's okay though, because I'm always open to changing my mind once I get to know them. That makes it okay, right?!

    2. You just called squirrels rabid animals? I don't know if we can be friends anymore, hahaha.

    3. Woohoo! Loved your answers. Glad you participated! Can't wait to see your dress!

    4. Great post! I feel like I know you better now! Can't wait to see your dress too! :)

    5. Congrats on your two awards mama.Blurred Lines will make you dance every time!!

      (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    6. thanks for the nomination! I will hopefully answer your questions soon!

    7. So funny, I also nominated you for a Sunshine Award! I'll understand if you're on overload. ;)

      PS- I can't help but sing and dance to blurred lines's just too darn catchy!!


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