Friday, September 20, 2013

Wine Enthusiast Glass Review

I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Most people know that red and white wines each call for different shaped glasses. However, did you know that each variety of wine actually has it's own unique shaped glass that optimizes the drinking experience? About four years ago, this wouldn't have mattered to me, but thanks to a few friends I've been transformed from beer chugger to junior wine snob in the matter of a few short years.

Recently, I was contacted by Wine Enthusiast to with an opportunity to check out some of their glasses. I was thrilled to have this opportunity, because after our wine tasting experience earlier this year, I'm all about trying to drink wine the right way. We are mostly Cabernet drinkers, so naturally, I opted to go with the Cabernet glasses. These glasses are specifically designed to enhance the qualities of your Cabernet as you view, swirl, and smell it.

Two of my favorite things about these glasses is that they're lightweight and durable. If you've ever shattered a glass by dropping it in the sink, I'm sure you can relate. While washing these guys, the soapy water caused them to slip from my hand and onto a large ceramic bowl. Thankfully, no harm done. If you want to skip all of that, these are also dishwasher safe and guaranteed not to dull or cloud. Fusion glasses come with a limited 10-year warranty so if they do happen to break, Wine Enthusiast will replace them at no charge!

Worry not military wives and moms that feel bad about drinking alone, with the little man on the foot of the glass, you're never drinking alone.
Not only do these glasses enhance your drinking experience by bringing out the best flavors in your wine, but they're also nice to look at and will make a lovely addition to any glass collection. Along with glasses, Wine Enthusiast also sells tons of great wine inspired gifts. Wine Enthusiast also has a great app that you can use as a tasting guide.

Are you a wine drinker? What is your favorite?

Love, Alex

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  1. I'm not very sophisticated, so I don't know anything about wine glasses, but I do like wine! :p That's really nice that the glasses come with a warranty!

  2. I love red wines. Lately, I prefer the cabernet over merlot. I'm definitely going to check out the website!

  3. I'm a red wine drinker but after having Reagan I do better with white wines. Still ... I'm a Pinot Noir girl and I LOVE my red wine glasses!!! Lenox crystal - booyah!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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