Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cleava Snap-To-Bra Cami [Review + Giveaway]

You know that one item that is your go-to fashion secret? Well, I have found mine! Cleava Snap-To-Bra Cami is small piece of fabric that snaps onto your bra, simulating a tank top and covering your chest. Let me tell you, Cleava came in super handy with all of the creepers in Myrtle Beach last weekend. The ladies and I were shocked at the amount of weirdos that we passed as we strolled on a touristy strip. Thankfully, the ta-tas were covered to avoid any further creepage.

Cleava works by snapping around your bra, to keep you covered without causing any damage to your bra or clothing. It's seriously as simple as strap, middle, strap. That's it! Removing Cleava is just as easy and allows you to go from work attire to happy hour attire in a matter of seconds. Since it's a lightweight piece of fabric, you can easily remove Cleava and toss it in your purse.

Another advantage that Cleava offers over a tank top is that it gives you the ability to create a layered looked without the added bulk of a second layer. For those of you in the sweltering south, you know that sometimes wearing more than one layer is just not an option. Plus, if you have a top that shows off your back, you don't want a tank ruining the affect. They are made in a variety of colors and styles, including lace.

Something that moms might appreciate is the ease of breastfeeding when wearing a Cleava. When Baby A was exclusively breastfed, I would wear low-cut shirts to make feeding her away from home, less of a hassle. Cleava is perfect for this scenario. Just unsnap it from one side, and you're ready to nurse! Now that I'm trying to wean Baby A, Cleava has helped to avoid wardrobe malfunctions caused by her trying to strip me in public.

My only complaint about Cleava is that since I have a smaller frame and not-so-large chest, the "one size fits most" was a tiny bit big. The only issue caused was that sometimes the Cleava would bunch up in one area, but its easily corrected and something that a normal tank top does at times also.

With the holidays coming up, Cleavas are on sale for $10 off. Cleava makes a great gift for any reason or season, and for a limited time, my readers can get free shipping (with purchase of $50 or more) using the promo code: FSAWM (offer expires: Oct 31). Click here to order!

The makers of Cleava are also offering my blog readers a chance to win a free Cleava in the sponsor's choice of style/color. Enter below for your chance to win! The contest is only available to USA and Canada.

I received a complimentary Cleava for reviewing purposes.

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