Monday, October 29, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

In the past when I've been nominated for blog awards, I haven't really participated. I had my list of blogs that I followed, but was never really close enough to any of the other bloggers to nominate them for that mandatory step. This time is different though! The amazingly awesome Jen over at The Adventures Of Our Army Life nominated me. Thank you!! Check her out, she's one of my favorite bloggers out there! (: There are a few rules for accepting this award, so here they are!

1) Thank the person who nominated me. 

2) Post award image to my page.


3) Tell 7 facts about myself

  1. Hubs and I had only been dating for 7 months when we got married.
  2. I always hoped to have a boy first, so that my other kids would have a big brother.
  3. I am addicted to Pinterest. I can spend hours pinning.
  4. I've seen every single episode of Army Wives.
  5. My favorite thing about the fall is everything pumpkin!
  6. Recently I picked up sewing as a hobby. It's not as hard as I was expecting.
  7. I have a thing for "bully breed" dogs, which sometimes makes moving with the military and finding pet-friendly homes difficult. 

4)  Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know about the nomination

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  1. You are so welcome and you deserve it!!! :) I love following your blog. :)

  2. Thank you so much! I coulda swore I was following your blog already... I am now though! Also stalking, I mean following you on twitter and instagram. ;)

  3. You are awesome~ Thank you for nominating me!!! You and Jen both did :)
    I put up my post today about it.
    FINALLY got my Blogger no reply thing fixed so yay...I get to get into all the blogs I haven't seen for a while :)



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