Friday, October 12, 2012

I Finally Met My Neighbor

We've been living in our house for close to two years. Our next door neighbors have been there about a year and a half. Yesterday was the first time that I've ever had an actual conversation with either of them. Yes. The first time I've ever spoken to my next door neighbor. You see, I'm not exactly the most outgoing person and according to her, neither is she.

What happened is that my monster of a dog climbed over the fence when he heard her mowing her lawn. I've seen him literally climb chain link fences, but we have a six foot wooden fence. I guess that's what happens when you combine an energetic lab with the muscle of a pitbull. She came to let me know that he had escaped, but was confused as to how he got out since the gate was locked shut. Crazy doggy!

My baby eater
We ended up chatting a bit. Her husband is also deployed, which I could tell by the fact that she has recently started mowing the lawn and taking out the trash herself. She has boys that are about the same age as our girls so hopefully we'll be getting together for play dates. I'd like to invite them over for dinner some time, but I hate cooking and I never know what to make anyway.

I'm hoping that the next time we PCS something will push me to go meet the neighbors within a couple of months at least.

Side note: I hate potty training!

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  1. In NC we lived in the same house for 2 years and never spoke to our neighbors haha.

  2. I hardly talked to my neighbors at my last house unless my dogs escaped the yard and I had to chase them through the neighborhood. :)

  3. This is freaking hilarous!! We live in an apartment, so it's kinda hard to not know your neighbors here, although, secretly, I wish we didn't!!


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