Friday, August 23, 2013

Happies & Crappies

This is my first week linking up with my happies & crappies. I have some complaints, but I didn't want to blog about that without including something positive.

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

  1. V started school this week! She's really been enjoying it so far, so I'm happy! Having her gone all day gives me a huge break.
  2. I got a Influenster VoxBox in the mail yesterday! I had no idea what was going to be in it, and I was pleasantly surprised. Everything is actually stuff that I need and will use. I also have another VoxBox on it's way. The one I already received is the Paradise VoxBox. There is nothing more appropriate to get our move to Hawaii started.
  3. Caesar is ready to go! The vet stuff has been taken care of, I have his rabies certificates and Hawaiian import form. I am just missing a notarization on the import form and I'll be able to send everything in. I might wait a while though, since he won't actually be allowed on the island until mid-December.
  4. I made the most amazing bread from scratch yesterday!! SO GOOD! If I would have let the loaf rise more before sticking it in the oven, it would have been the perfect loaf of Cuban bread! I'm quite excited about this since no one outside of Miami knows what Cuban bread actually is. It's differnent from the French loaf that some grocers try to pass it off as.
  5. My dentist appointment wasn't so bad yesterday. They did the scaling on the left side of my mouth. When I went in to have my right side done, it was a lot more painful than I was expecting. This time, I went in expecting it to feel like child birth in my mouth, which I think helped with the pain.
  1. V is sick today. She started running a fever last night. A little Tylenol helped for the evening, so it's back. Because she's sick, there is no school for her today. It'll be the three of us stuck at home while Hubster is gone on a class float trip. 
  2. Speaking of V's school, I'm not impressed. The owner is kind of a shady b. Like I said before, the class itself is wonderful, but the way that the place is managed, is not good. She keeps telling me that she'll get me a school handbook "next time" but I don't ever foresee that happening. The first time we went in, she said he office was a mess because she was rearranging, but no, a month later it's still like that. Since I have no book, I really don't know how to handle V's sick day today. I'll speak to the teacher next week, because it's become obvious to me that I won't get anywhere speaking to the owner. 
  3. Along with V being sick, so is Caesar. Hubs and I each had to get up last night to take him out to poop. This morning he's had diarrhea. I suppose that's what he gets for digging in the trash last night and eating scraps.
  4. V's gymnastics session ended last week. I was hesitant to sign her up again, because I wasn't a huge fan of the gym. I grew up with my sister training next to Olympians, and this gym was not like that at all. The last straw was when the owner didn't let me reschedule a class that V missed. The gym was closed due to the flooding in town, so we were told that we could reschedule the following week. Apparently, I waited too long. Oh well. Hopefully we can find something better in Hawaii. 
And that's pretty much the gist of my week. Nothing overly exciting in my neck of woods.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week, and has a great weekend!

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  1. What is Cuban bread?! I'm interested.

    That's pretty bad that the owner is like that.

  2. I'm getting a VoxBox and so excited to see what is in it. SO jealous you get to move to Hawaii. We are on our way to Fayetteville (fort Bragg) next year. Not excited. Stopping by from the link-up :)

  3. My little guy started preschool this week too. He seemed to really like it, that is horrible that ht owner is like that. Hopefully the teacher is better at communicating!! Poor little V, get well soon!

  4. Welcome to the Happies and Crappies!
    Houses on the Schofield part of the island are so much nicer/more affordable than on other parts of Oahu. It just takes too long with traffic to get from that area into Pearl, though, so we chose the (more pricey) windward side.
    Cuban bread is awesome! When you get to Hawaii if you're ever looking for Latin ingredients, there's 1 store in the entire state (as far as I can tell) in Chinatown/Honolulu called Mercado de la Raza. I like it!

  5. Bummer for all the crappies. :( But I'm so glad your sweet pup is ready to go! :)

  6. I've been dealing with a sick pup too! It's no fun. That bread sounds awesome! My husbands family is from Panama and I have yet to learn any baking recipes from my MIL :/. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Homemade bread?! Yum -- there really is nothing better! And its a bummer about the preschool not being more organized. Thats my biggest fear next year! I'm already thinking about bad outcomes and dreading it all!

  8. I haven't gotten a voxbox in forever. Damn influenster!
    I'm glad that Veronica is adjusting well to school. It's a nice break when you don't have to think about their every move all day long.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  9. I hope V feels better soon! glad you still had some positives!

  10. I've never made homemade bread. Considering my obsession with carbs, maybe I should. Happy Monday!


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