Friday, August 2, 2013

Life Lately

I hope everyone has had a great week so far! We've had a good week, but I am definitely looking forward to the weekend!

V has thrown a couple tantrums too many, so I finally looked into putting her in preschool. Now that she's fully potty trained, I don't have to worry about that keeping her out of school. She is incredibly smart, so I really think this will benefit her when it comes time to start kindergarten. She'll start out in the three year old class, but I'm relatively confident that she'll be moved up quickly. Hubs and I are going to check it out on Monday, and go from there. But, we have friends who have their daughter at the same school and they all love it.

Throughout the week, we've also been working on our wish list of duty stations. I'm almost positive he's spoken to every commander he's ever had along with any other higher ranking people that he knows. This afternoon he is going to meet with the first Lieutenant Colonel we had at Fort Stewart, to get his recommendations, and then he'll probably submit our list this evening. We're pretty sure we know what we want, but ultimately we're going to do what's best for his career.

Although the list wasn't spectacular, it's been fun researching all of the different available locations. PCS'ing is always such an exciting and nerve wracking experience. I've asked a handful of other Army wives for their opinions, all which seem to match up with mine. We'll see what the LTC says this afternoon, but let's just say that I've been focusing my research efforts on a certain set of U.S. islands. I can't wait to finalize our list and share it! We'll be getting projected orders in about a week and a half, which is even more exciting!

We don't have much in store for this weekend. We'll probably do some more research on our top three choices. Maybe some dog park on post or splash park with the girls. Hopefully I can bust out my camera that hasn't been touched in like a week. We had a hummingbird visit the flowers in our yard last night. I hope it comes back so that I can capture it! On the camera that is..

I've pretty much given up blogging on the weekends. I'm trying to stay off of the phone and computer while we're together as a family. So far, it's working out well. Sometimes I'll schedule something for Saturday, but that doesn't seem to be the case this week.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. It's amazing how liberating it is not to worry about opening a laptop on the weekends and staying away from the blog. It was awesome not even thinking about taking my laptop with me when I was in Philly.
    Have fun doing some more research. I know whatever happens you will all make the best out of it.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. Can't wait to hear your list! :) I love not blogging on the weekends, it has been such a great thing.

  3. I just signed my 3 year old up for two days a week at preschool. He was doing the same things, just throwing tantrums for the sake of it. He is pretty excited for his open house coming up. I am actually having a harder time with it then him!! Haha. Good luck with your list, hopefully you guys get to go where you want.

  4. I say come to New Jersey since its the best.

  5. Hooray for preschool! I bet V will love it! We're waiting until next year, since S has to wait until JUST before her 6th birthday before she can go to kindergarten. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for your wish list!

  6. We had a wonderful week, went on an impromptu mini vacation.
    Hope you get to those islands, I've heard great things from people stationed there.

    I try not to blog on the weekends either. I usually schedule my Start Successful on Sunday post sometime Friday night and spend a couple hours Saturday before bed catching up on the weekend on my RSS feeds.


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