Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Good morning! I didn't want the whole weekend to pass by without me updating the blog, so here I am!

It was a pretty crazy week around here. It rained almost nonstop, so both of the towns next to our town flooded. A bunch of appointments had to be cancelled due to the fact that people couldn't get out of their homes. Unfortunately, a young mom and her toddler were killed in the flooding. They just found the mom's body not too far from our house yesterday.

Duty station wish lists were due yesterday.The branch manager was emailing the course leader in the middle of the afternoon, because people had still not turned in their lists. I'm hoping that it meant that he was working on assigning people, and maybe we'll know by Monday.

Thursday I went to a social that Hubster had for work. I got to meet some of the leadership, the classmates and their wives. Honestly, I'm anti social, so I wasn't all that thrilled about having to meet the wives, but after being pushed into a circle of them, it wasn't so bad. We were chatting, chatting, chatting, until the general who was hosting the social got up to talk. He introduced his wife, who happened to be in the small circle that I was chatting in. The wives of Hubster's classmates and I all turned to each other with shocked looks on our faces. Of course the men all made sure that we made them look good.

Not much in store for this weekend. Hubs has a bunch of homework to do, so we'll most likely be homebodies. The park around here is flooded anyway.. If you want more of me though, you can find me on the Military Town Advisor blog. And I'll be participating in a Teen Choice Twitter party this afternoon at 4pm est. You can join in by using the hashtags: #share5 and #teenchoice.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hey there. Found you thru Paulina. and thought I'd check you out. will definitely be coming back around here.

  2. Have an amazing weekend dear friend!


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