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Operation: Create Your Own Path - UNCoRKD-ART

As a military spouse it is often difficult to find a stable and fulfilling career due to the inevitable fact that you're going to have to relocate for your service member's job. Military spouses tend to be pretty innovative and creative though. Red, White & Blue Pages has put together a really cool series, Operation: Create Your Own Path, which spans an entire month and pairs up business owners and bloggers to get the inside scoop on being an entrepreneur.

As part of Operation: Create Your Own Path, I had the chance to interview Sharon from UNCoRKD-ART. I was so excited when I first checked out her Etsy page because it was a totally unique product. Sure, I've see tons of nametape bracelets or hand painted items, but never etched glass. Not only does Sharon cater to the military and their families, but there is a plethora of items that civilians would love too. Pinterest baking dish anyone?

Wanna see my favorites?

Go Gators!

As a military wife AND mom, Sharon has been able to successfully run her own business that continues to grow by leaps and bounds! Because her husband is rather handy and had many of the items required already, she had very little start up cost. Even with a total of five kids and though deployment, she has made it work. She told me that she loves knowing that she has something to do each day, which will hopefully help deployment pass by quickly.

I asked Sharon a slew of questions to which you can read some of her replies below.

What made you decide to start your own business, and how did you decide that it would be etching glass? It actually wasn't my idea at all. My friends thought etsy would be a great avenue for selling my items. Etched glass was just something I thought I would try. I actually saw a wine bottle tiki on pinterest, and thought wow, that would be cool etched. That was the beginning to a slew of other ideas. People love personal items, and etched glass is something that lasts forever.

What has been the biggest challenge that you've faced with your business? Book-keeping!!! As my orders increased, time got shorter, leaving no time to record profit & loss. It's been quite a struggle trying to organize properly. With my business being a one man show, juggling all the different roles. business owner, house keeper, mommy, spouse to a deployed soldier.

Has the military hindered your business or the growth of your business at all? Not at all. If anything, it's allowed me grow.

What sort of methods have you used for advertising your products and growing your business? Do you attend any craft fairs or tell other spouses about what you do?
My business has grown from word of mouth. I use social media to advertise new designs. Because my etsy store has been so popular, I have found no time to attend craft fairs.

Is there any advice that you'd offer to someone wanting to start a similar venture?
Absolutely. Don't ever think that your business could not grow by leaps and bounds. Take it serious from day one, and above all, start your book-keeping immediately. Because when your business booms, like mine did, book-keeping will be the last thing on your mind.

Notice how she said the military has allowed her business to grow! If that isn't proof enough that military spouses are capable of maintaining successful and fulfilling careers, I don't know what is! Hopefully Sharon's word have encouraged some of you to strive to  pursue your own career goals.
Do yourself a favor and stop by her Etsy shop. You won't be disappointed!

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  1. That pinterest baking dish is hysterical ... and absolutely a perfect gift for SO many people I know!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. I visiting from Operation Create Your Own Path. I agree with Lanaya...that baking dish is funny!

  3. Haha, I LOVE that "kickasserole" dish! So cute :)

  4. Good for her! Loved reading this!! And the baking dishes are hilarious and very creative!

  5. Her work is absolutely amazing and her unique one of a kind items are those that will be treasured forever!!


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