Monday, August 19, 2013

Meal Planning Monday - Week 23

How was everyone's weekend?! I'm looking forward to this week! V will finally start school, and I've got a whole bunch of appointments to take care of.

My killer dog (thanks for all the comments on how handsome he is) Caesar, goes to the vet today to get the process started for sending him to Hawaii. He'll have to be microchipped, and have his blood drawn for rabies testing. I read Hawaii's guidelines over and over again all weekend, as well as printed out all the documents that I need so that the vet can help me out with it. Today should be an interesting process. They'll be lucky if they can hold him down to stick him twice.. HAHA! He's freaking strong!

Later this week, I'll have my second two-hour dentist appointment. I forgot to take my blood pressure meds before the last appointment, so they could only give me the crappy drugs, which didn't do much in the numbing department. I'm not going to let that happen again this week!

If you missed my post this weekend, make sure to check it out here, and find out how you can easily donate (for free) to a cause that supports our wounded veterans.

I'll be honest, Hubs was gone last week, so there wasn't a whole lot of planning put into my meal planning..

Week 23 Menu:
Monday: Food? Sorry, I lost the list!
Tuesday: Ricotta Stuffed Chicken
Wednesday: Honey Pecan Pork Chops
Thursday: Mini Corndogs
Friday: Fried Chicken Salad
Saturday: Korean Beef on Rice
Sunday: Ravioli in Creamy Pink Sauce

Hop rules:
1. Follow your hosts. Alejandra at Munchkins and the Military and Lisa at Sorority Life to Army Wife.
2. Link up your weekly meal plan or favorite recipe.
3. Check out a few other blogs!

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  1. Mini corn dogs sound tasty. Good luck with your lab mix at the vet!

  2. I hope the vet appointment goes well and that process goes smoothly.

  3. How was the korean beef?! I *love* bulgogi, so if its anything similar, it has to be good!!

  4. Fried Chicken Salad sounds yummmmy! I can't wait to finally be able to meal plan again!


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