Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life Isn't a Competition

Wanna know what sucks about Hawaii? I can no longer wake up, type a weekend recap really quick, and still have it posted before 9 am. Nope. It's past noon on the East coast before I even get out of bed. Either way, here is a late weekend post.

Friday was Valentine's Day. Hubs was off, so I really wanted to spend the day watching House of Cards on Netflix. He was slightly against it, since it's not exactly a kid-friendly show. Good thing we waited until bed time. The first episode of the second season started off with a bang. Literally (BAHAHAHAHA). And there was some other graphic stuff. Oh Zoey... If you aren't watching House of Cards yet, you need to! We started watching when it first came out last year, and although I'm not a fan of politics, I was instantly hooked.

So, Valentines's was spent at home, watching the Olympics. Hubster got me a beautiful set of earrings, to replace the ones that he got in Afghanistan, but lost. He also bought our third love fern (it's actually a lily) . Unfortunately, I've allowed the others to die. Thankfully, our love hasn't. For dinner I the lovely meal that I had blogged about, which turned out exquisitely. After the girls went to bed, the night was spent on the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and the ever so menacing Kevin Spacey.


Hubster spent Saturday playing golf. The girls and I hung out at home and cleaned up a little. I had planned on cooking, but instead for dinner, we went over to a friend's house. These are the friends from Missouri who have a daughter born the day after Veronica; we'll call her AB. Normally, Veronica and AB get along great. Lately though, V is so damn competitive and makes it a goal to be the winner of everything. Even the color purple. The evening was somewhat aggravating thanks to this.

AB and family came over on Sunday, which meant more competition. I'd be ok if it was a little race or something along those lines every now and then, but it's literally about everything.

"I finished eating first, I'm the winner."

"I can jump higher, I win."

"My hair is longer, I win."

Monday was more of the same. The boys were looking for shoes, so we headed to the mall. AB and family hadn't been there before, so we swung by their place so that they could follow us. One of the first things out of Veronica's mouth was that we were winning, because our car was in front. Hubs and I are totally stumped. We have no idea where this little competitive spirit came from, but how in the world do we get our kid to be more humble?! It seriously started out of nowhere!

In the meantime, I have to focus on getting her to be better behaved anyway. I'm thinking that if we follow a schedule at home that is similar to the daycare schedule, life might go a little more smoothly for us. I'm also really excited to share a mini project that I've been working on.

Love, Alex

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  1. Maybe it is a first born thing, Ace did this a lot when I was pregnant with Avalon. He had to "win" everything, or be the "best" at anything. It was frustrating but we somewhat ignored it and didn't give in to the attention he wanted from saying crazy things. He doesn't really do it anymore...so maybe there is hope :) haha!

  2. maybe I should watch house of cards then! I was thinking, I'm not that into politics. I watch Scandal and I think it's great, but it's not really about politics. it's more about people. and I kept hearing house of cards was much more about politics!

  3. Em does it sometimes. Then if she gets beat she cries. It's annoying and we try to explain why winning isn't everything any by we, I mean me. Mike's the most competitive person I've ever met so I know where she gets it from.

  4. Mac and I bought a love fern on our honeymoon. It was dead before the end of the year. Whoops.

  5. Maybe it's a reaction to the new baby? I dunno. My kids don't compete just yet.

  6. LOVE that you have a love fern (and also that you've killed 2 lol). I have a black thumb so mine would end up the same way.

  7. My 3 year old does the same thing. I am hoping that is a developmental thing.

  8. I hear you about the posting thing, we are 12-17 hours ahead of the states, depending on which coast you're on so its basically impossible to post at a normal time. Only 28 days left of that craziness though. House of Cards is so crazy this season!!

  9. I just started House of Cards... WOW. I'm already hooked. And your little one is TOO CUTE.


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