Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Last One

A few days ago, several of my Facebook friends shared this link about having their last child. Based off of their comments, I knew that the post was about being sad about not having anymore babies. At that point, I decided it was probably a stupid article and I wasn't going to read it. I'm pregnant with our last child, and up until last night I was pretty excited about that. I don't enjoy being pregnant, and sometimes, I'm all but convinced that I wasn't cut out to be a stay at home mom.

Veronica - 3.5 & Adriana - 2
Last night, after reading Samantha's post about her babies growing up, I decided that I needed to read the original article. I was only a quarter of the way in when I started ugly crying. And now I'm ugly crying again. Up until last night I was so excited to get rid of the thousands of pieces of baby clothes that we'd no longer need after baby number three. All of the toys that take up space and need to be unpacked each time we move. All of the stupid little plastic plates and bowls that don't match my place settings. All of the things that I've been taking for granted. But now I grasp the fact that I'll never get those precious little memories and moments with my babies back.

Veronica - 1.5 & Adriana - newborn
I've come to realize that I'll probably be heartbroken when the day comes to ditch all of our newborn outfits. Then again when it comes time to get rid of the three month stuff, the six month stuff, the nine month stuff, etc. As it is, I already miss when Veronica was Adri's size. I miss co-sleeping. I miss feeding little people. I'm going to miss hearing the word "mommy" 52,934 times a day.
Veronica - 2
Adriana - 11 months
Adriana - 1 month
As I scroll through old pictures on the computer, I see how much Veronica has changed and grown up. At three, it doesn't even feel like she's my baby anymore. She'll never again be my seven pound six ounce newborn. And now I understand why my mom is so crazy with us sometimes.

Veronica - newborn

Adriana - newborn
Still ugly crying.

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Love, Alex

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  1. My son is out last too. I am happy And sad. My husband is HAPPY to be done but I still feel a bit depressed about it.

  2. This must be such a bittersweet pregnancy for you :) Hope you're able to soak it all up and cherish the last one!

  3. This is so precious! I know you will cherish every moment.

  4. I was just thinking about this last night! Mike swears Maddie's our last, and I will fight that every single day. I'm not ready for her to be our last. I would have 12 kids if I could but I'll settle for 3. haha

  5. I haven't read the article, and I will after this. I know deep down I am finished, and I find I am okay with it. There are days I am sad that my babies are no longer babies, but I am enjoying watching them turn into kids.

  6. I've just started and only have one baby but I already dread the day when it comes to having my last. It will literally break my heart.

  7. We thought Blueberry would be our last so we've done all this already. Now we just keep saying "are we crazy; we must be crazy!"

  8. I get rid of stuff every kid we have! haha. Even though clearly we have never thought we were done. And even now after three we are always looking to the future of just one more baby around these parts. But who knows...the babies becoming toddlers and beyond stages are pretty fun right now too.

  9. Just wait I have a TWELVE year old and it amazes me how quickly time has flown by from my little baby. We are DONE with our two and I still get nostalgic about being pregnant and having a newborn (I love both!)

  10. It totally sucks when I have to go through Reagan's closet every few months and purge clothes she'll never wear again because she's getting so big. I don't know what the future holds for me as far as having another child but I know what you are feeling. That reminds me, I'm doing Rey's closet on Sunday. Boo :(
    I'll be ugly crying too.

    Miss you mama...


  11. That one month picture is adorable! I'd honestly never really thought what it must be like deciding on your last - we're still trying to figure out when we should go about a first! Now that I do think about it, though, I can see how it is/will be a very bittersweet thing.


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