Friday, August 31, 2012

California, Here I Come!

I arrived at LAX at about 10:00am local time. After a four hour flight I was happy to be grounded again. I was totally unimpressed by the airport though. It looked as if maybe they were doing construction..? Either way, I felt like I had to walk miles to get to baggage claim and then catch a taxi.

Once I hopped into the taxi it was only a couple miles to the hotel. Holy ish!! Those couple of miles took over an hour! It's ridiculous! I checked the GPS on my phone once we 3 miles away and it said that with traffic it'd take 15 minutes. Um excuse me, what?! I wasn't overly impressed with the appearance of the area either. I always tell Hubster that once he's out of the army, if there's one place that I refuse to move back to, it's Miami. Scratch that. Los Angeles now tops that list.

Both of the hotels that we've been at have been very nice though. The picture in this post is from the Shangri-La hotel in Santa Monica. We are right across from the street from the ocean and a very short walk from the pier. Santa Monica is beautiful. Traffic is still awful.

The west coast is completely different from the east coast. And I thought the driving in Miami was bad..! can't wait to see more.


  1. L.A. can be a drag...but down here in beautiful San Diego life is grand! Visit the city sometime, if you haven''s a big military town!

  2. I've never really gone into LA-- perhaps I'll keep it that way. =)

    Following ya now from the Bloggy Mom's September link up. If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love it if you'd join me at where we're riding the wave of life one little adventure at a time.



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