Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Should've Been a Mechanic

Ok, not really.. But I've seriously impressed myself with Hubster being gone.

Saturday I woke up to both car batteries completely dead. Lovely. The Tahoe was parked head-first in the garage so there wasn't really a way for us to jump start it. Thankfully Jacquie was at the house and she was able to drive us around everywhere.

Our first stop was Walmart for a new battery. Whoa. The price was a bit of a shock. They didn't have the correct battery though so we averted that financial crisis. What to do next though..? Call daddy of course! He suggested that we buy a trickler (battery charger) so we did.

Upon arriving home, I hooked up the battery charger to the car/battery and let it go for a few hours. When the meter said the battery was charged, I disconnected the thing from the wall and then the car. The car started right up and is still starting effortlessly.

The day that I dropped Hubs off at the airport to go back to Afghanistan, the car overheated on the way home. It figures that terrible things would happen when I'm already in a bad mood and have no husband to help me out. Damn Murphy's Law. Even though the only issue was that the coolant needed to be refilled, I was mighty proud of myself for doing it on my own.

With Hubs gone I've also changed the headlights on the truck, fixed the garbage disposal, put up gutters, landscaped the yard, built a fire pit, and installed a shelving system in my closet. Google and my dad have been invaluable resources. It's pretty amazing what all you can do when you have no other choice.

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