Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Carnival Liberty - Exotic Eastern Caribbean - Day 4

Hello beautiful!

Hubster and I were sitting down eating breakfast as we pulled into port at St. Thomas. The view was gorgeous! The water was perfectly crystal clear and you could see all the way up the vibrant green mountains. It was a perfect addition to the French Toast we were munching.

Getting off of the boat on this day took a little bit long than before. Not sure why since we were just walking off.. The lines were very long though. Once off the boat, we made the 10 minute walk to Paradise Point to ride the sky ride. I would totally recommend this to anyone considering it! You get such a perfect picturesque view of the islands. If you buy the excursion through the ship, you  actually save $2. At the top of the ride there is a short hiking trail plus a bar/restaurant and gift shop.

At 1pm we had our Power Cat Snorkeling excursion. OMG.It was the best excursion we've ever been on. When we had previously visited Grand Turk, we did something similar but this time was much much better. On the snorkeling excursion we were taken out to an island which is a protected sanctuary for birds and animals. Since you can't go on the island or anchor, we tied off on a bouy. I was expecting to see tons of big colorful coral formations, but that wasn't the case. The scene was more or less what I'd see diving off of my dad's boat in Miami. Except there were sea turtles! That was absolutely the best part! Hubster and I waited above them as they chomped on the grass on the sea floor. We were lucky enough to catch 3 of them surfacing for air.

For the second part of the Power Cat excursion, they took us to this little beach where we had the option of snorkeling some more or beaching. We chose to beach since you couldn't start drinking the unlimited rum punch until you were done snorkeling. For $79, this excursion was a great deal. At least for us. Our inner frat boy and sorority girl came out and I'm pretty sure we got our money's worth. There was a doctor lady there that we chatted with who may have been slightly more intoxicated than us. We had a blast with her and her son though.

Once the excursion was done, we made our way back to the ship, which had an abnormally long line to board. If I had one complaint about this vacation, it would definitely be the lines getting on and off the ship.

The two of us slept straight through dinner. Just before the buffet closed, I was able to stumble over and pile everything that looked good onto a plate. Miraculously I made it back to the room without getting lost. I couldn't get Hubster to wake up so I ate alone. Eventually he got up and we ventured out to find him something to eat.

Tomorrow's adventure is San Juan, Puerto Rico. Check out the other days below.

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