Sunday, August 19, 2012

Carnival Liberty - Exotic Eastern Caribbean - Day 2

We were at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (Carnival's private island) by the time we woke up Sunday morning. We got ready for the day and headed down to the Silver Olympian dining room for breakfast. The breakfast in the dining room is pretty much the same food that you'd receive in the buffet but Hubster didn't want to wait in lines and wanted to be served.

For breakfast I got a ham and cheese omelet that I couldn't finish, sausage, and hash-browned potatoes. I was disappointed that the hash browns were pretty much McDonald's hash browns. The sausage was good though! And they guava jelly on a croissant...spectacular!

After breakfast we made our way directly to showroom to get tender stickers. We waited about 5 minutes before we were on the little boat to the island. The tender boat takes 5-10 minutes and they send you on your way. The beach is right off of the path. Hubs and I walked a little so that we could be close to the pirate ship bar thing. The pirate ship is where they had all of the music and drinks. We each had two Long Island Iced Teas and were pretty good to go.

For lunch on the island, the crew brings off food from the ship and they do a BBQ.They have stuff like hot dogs and burgers and this yummy coleslaw with raisins in it.

After a brief drunk nap on the beach, we headed back to get in line to get back on the tender back to the ship. We waited about an hour. The line sucked and once we got attached to the ship, the line to actually get back aboard also sucked. One of the little pingers that swipes your card was broken.

We had a second lunch back on the ship. The famous Guy's Burgers. They didn't live up to my expectations but they were really good. Especially with bacon on top!

Dinner this night was much better but still not great. They did remember that we liked espresso after dinner though. That was definitely a plus.

After dinner we went to all three Adult Comedy Shows. Happy Cole performed twice and random less funny guy was in between. Happy was great! He was so so funny. The other guy was funny too but obviously no memorable.

Half Moon Cay was still as good as we remember and we'd definitely be willing to return. Monday was a sea day which means art actions..! Yay...... I'll post about that tomorrow.

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