Thursday, August 23, 2012

Carnival Liberty - Exotic Eastern Caribbean - Day 6

Grand Turk was the final port of call on our Exotic Eastern Caribbean Carnival Cruise. Since we weren't arriving at the port until 11:00am, Hubster and I were able to have breakfast (French Toast, of course) and then lounge in the Serenity area while we watched the ship dock on the pier. Even once we had docked,  Hubs and I stay up in the hot tube watching people getting off of the ship. We wanted to avoid the terrible wait that we had the day before.

When we got onto Grand Turk, we checked out the duty free shop for a little and then made our way to the Margaritaville pool. We were lucky to be early enough to find lounge chairs pretty close to the pool and almost under an umbrella. We spent the after noon in Grand Turk in the pool with big souvenir cups filled with margaritas and a $15 bowl bucket of nachos. Delish! It was honestly the best way to spend our day! One of the best parts was the free WiFi. Granted every other bar on the island has free WiFi also, but no one else has a swim-up bar that you can use the internet at.

The last time that we were in Grand Turk, it was kind of a crappy day weather-wise. It was overcast  and rainy. The time that we spent on the beach was nothing special and the snorkeling was not as good as I was expecting it to be. We went to Jack's Shack, where Hubster enjoyed the conversation but I didn't think what we got was worth the prices they were charging. We were both much happier doing Margaritaville and will likely return there next time we are in Grand Turk. Before this trip we really had no interest in going back to Grand Turk but luckily, the island redeemed itself on this trip.

Just before we headed back to the ship, I made Hubster go with me to the beach on the right side of the pier to pick up a couple conch shells. This was another thing that I had read about on Cruise Critic. The majority of the shells were broken but we did manage to find two that weren't totally banged up. Even after shell shopping, we made it back to the ship early enough to avoid the lines.

The second formal dinner took place on this night. I found it a bit odd since we were at the port pretty late. I thought it would have made more sense to have it on the following night which was a sea day.

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      1. Are you doing this same itinerary?? It was fantastic! We loved every single part of the cruise!


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