Friday, August 24, 2012

Carnival Liberty - Exotic Eastern Caribbean - Day 7

Oops. I definitely dropped the ball on blogging these past couple of days. It's been so tough getting V to go to bed and stay there.

Day 7 of the cruise was a day at sea. For Hubster and I it meant a lazy day. The majority of the time was spent wandering the ship or eating.

We played bingo, where I won $120. It was quiet exciting. For $20 I got 3 bingo cards which were good for 5 rounds of bingo.

At the photo gallery we collected all of our pictures from the week and chose the ones we liked best. The photo company has this card where you can buy certain combinations of pictures and get additional ones for free/very cheap. We purchased our embarkation picture, a picture from dinner, and one of the pictures from one of the ports and got another dinner one for $5. Pretty good deal.

Around lunch time the Chocolate Extravaganza was happening in the buffet. I was super excited to go to the extravaganza but honestly, it wasn't much of an extravaganza and there wasn't much chocolate. At that time, the Mongolian Wok was also open. Unfortunately I had to wait in line for half an hour for that. It was slightly understandable since they do cook the food right there in front of you.

Just before dinner, our Future Cruise Certificates were ready to pick up. We always buy the certificate because it's basically free money as long and you commit to cruise with Carnival again. The $100 that you use to purchase the certificate is later applied to the balance of whatever cruise you choose. The amount of free on board credit that you receive on the future cruise is dependent on how many days you sail. Since the cruise we did this time was 7 days, we received $100 in free on board credit.

Even though it was a lazy day, we had fun relaxing. During our downtime we packed out suitcase since it had to be outside of door by 11pm. It's always a little depressing knowing that your vacation is over, but knowing that we'll be cruising again makes it not so bad.

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