Friday, June 21, 2013

Get It Together

I've been wasting a lot of time lately. Putting off projects that I should/want to be doing. I started using printables a month or two ago to help get myself motivated, but I kinda dropped the on those as well. I've become perfectly content with just hanging out at home all day, doing the bare minimum. That needs to change.

Bless my husband for dealing with my craziness. He barely has a clean uniform to wear to work in the morning, and a few times he only has one because he reminds me that he needs one the night before. So, I scramble to toss dirty ACUs in the machine before bed. Sure, he could do his own laundry, but because of failed previous attempts at laundering, I've banned him from even looking at the machine. Some times the dishes for dinner come straight out of the sink. That's rare though. If only the dish washer worked a little better.. :/

SO! Today, the girls and I have a fun filled day out of the house! I have to go to Walmart to pick some stuff up and then visit the post office to get some stuff sent out. From there, We'll head to the park and then back home for lunch. Hopefully the park tires them out enough that they nap. I've had a hard time getting Adri down this week. During nap time, I really want to work on my little craft corner. Or at least finally get around to researching Ft Carson a little.

Once Hubster gets home from work, I'll have him help me start next week's meal plan. I definitely don't want a repeat of this week.

I'm also going to work on getting more organized with my blogging. I've scheduled posts before and it seriously takes off so much pressure. I don't have to worry about blogging while Hubs is home and it gives us more time to enjoy being a family.

I've kinda tried...

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How do you keep your life organized and get everything done?

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  1. Staying organized is so difficult for me and I don't even have kids! I make colorful lists and post them on the wall behind my computer. =)

  2. I need to get more organized. I'm a list-keeper for EVERYTHING! But lately its been slipping! But I totally agree -- scheduling posts is a total lifesaver!!


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