Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cara Box Reveal

This was my second month doing Cara Box. It's a fun box exchange where bloggers (and non-bloggers) are paired up and have the task of sending each other themed boxes. This month's theme was Take Me To The Fair. I was super excited to participate again since I had a wonderful experience last month. This month I was paired up with Becca and Laura.

I spent all month getting to know Becca who is a fellow Army wife. She's stationed all the way up in Alaska. She did a fantastic job of putting together a box for the girls and I to enjoy.

V has had so much fun playing with the fair games. Her favorite item from the box though is the photo booth kit. She absolutely LOVES playing with the "sticks".

Adri's favorite item from the box has been the book, My Mom Is The Best Circus. I read this book no less than six or seven times a day. Each time I finish, she insists "more, more".

Also in this awesome box were "Twinkies" (because what says fair more than deep fried Twinkies), animal crackers, icee flavoring, and funnel cake recipe. After all, half of the fun of going to a fair is the food! Becca included a very cute notebook which I have already used for blogging purposes.

I was SO SO happy with the contents of this box. Becca really did a fantastic job of putting together something that we'd really enjoy. Thank you Becca!

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