Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mommy is Getting a Break

Woo! The girls started daycare yesterday! Although I spent my entire time alone grocery shopping, it was marvelous! No having to yell at little people to stay in the cart or stop grabbing things. Glorious!! Shopping took a little longer than usual because I went to both Walmart and the Commisarry to compare prices. I downloaded a couple of apps the night before that also got me a little tied up in the stores.

If you aren't already using them, download: Ibotta, Shopkicks, and Field Agent. I used them while shopping yesterday to get money back on items that I purchased and even items that I didn't have to buy. Once I get these apps figured out a little bit better, I'd like to share how to use them. In the meantime, check them out. You can get rewarded for doing what you already do.

Over the weekend Hubs and I discovered a new show. We're big Hulu and Netflix addicts and since we've finished all of the episodes of our regular shows, we decided to try something new. Have you guys seen The New Normal? We were looking for something along the lines of Modern Family, and this was close. So far, we're only a few episodes in, but we love it! Not only is it hilarious, but it has a good storyline as well. And it's got my girl NeNe Leakes.

What are some of your favorite Hulu and Netflix shows? I get in my Mad Men and Breaking Bad when I can, but Hubster doesn't watch either and obviously they aren't appropriate for the girls to watch.

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  1. YAY for some mommy time! That show is pretty funny.

  2. Looooove grocery shopping sans kids! It's like a vacation! ;)

  3. Enjoy the time to yourself! :) You deserve it.

  4. Hooray for solo grocery shopping! I can imagine that not only is it quieter, but a little cheaper without the constant "Mom can we get this pleeeeeeease?!" questions!

  5. Yay for some mommy time! I hate taking the kids grocery shopping. Thankfully during most of the year, they are in preschool. That way, I only have to take them with me during the summer - and even then, I try to wait until the evenings when the hubby is home to stay with the munchkins.


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