Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why I Need To Schedule Posts

Just my luck. Our internet modem/router fried itself yesterday and the cable company won't even be available to return our call until tomorrow morning. So that's why I'm blogging from the Fort Leonard Wood library. I was hoping to share my beautiful Scavenger Hunt Sunday photos with you, but the internet is honestly too slow to get these puppies up on PicMonkey and then upload them. I might try with a few of them though. Or not. All of my other pages are taking ages to load. And that is why I need to start scheduling my posts.

Not only would scheduling posts help me avoid not posting due to unforeseen circumstances like the internet not working, but actual real-life issues as well. Like a kid with a tantrum or a sick baby. Things like emergency errands like taking Hubs his lunch wouldn't interfere with my ability to get something posted in time to actually be read that day.

Also, have you noticed that having a scheduled post helps relieve some stress and seems like it gives you extra time in the day? In the past when I've scheduled stuff ahead of time, I've noticed that I don't have to scramble in the morning to get something typed up. It allows me to spend the mornings hanging out with the girls instead of sitting them in front of Netflix while I'm in the kitchen typing. Now that I'm trying to take the girls out more in the morning, this would be a huge time saver! We can get out before the sun becomes insanely hot, and maybe spend nap time blogging.

As much as I love blogging, lately I've realized that it has started to take over family time a tad. I think if I could find a good chunk of time (like nap time) to knock out a few posts for the week, I'd be set. My only hesitation is that I really enjoy posting about our day to day life. But who knows, maybe scheduling will help me in my quest to become more organized.

Do you schedule your posts? How far in advance do you do it, and when do you find the time to get it done?

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  1. I write my posts when the kids are napping, or in bed. If I have an idea, I'll draft up a post, and then I'll try to get a picture or two to go with it as soon as I can. So I keep a lot of posts in draft format. But I try to have at least 5-6 posts scheduled for the week ahead. Like you, I like to write about a lot of our day to day ... but it just doesn't get posted the day after it happens, thats all!

  2. I write posts as stuff comes to me, usually in the afternoon or evenings. I then save them for when needed. They normally all go up within the week, but this allows me to participate in link-ups or anything else that may pop up. I'm trying to get stuff written and scheduled now to cover the flight time and transition back to the states.

  3. Huge fan of having my posts prescheduled. It definitely relieves the stress that's for sure!
    I just got back from a long weekend and I only have half this week done and I'm freaking out! Damn the stress!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. I only schedule my posts when I'm away. Like last week when I was on vacation, I did have scheduled posts.

  5. I schedule them when I have a lot going on and know I wont be able to get on the computer. Although I've pretty much failed at that since we moved, I hope to get back to it.

  6. Scheduling pretty much saves my life half of the time. All the ones I can write up in advance that is what I do so I don't have to spend multiply days attached to the computer for hours.

  7. I need to start scheduling more also. I feel so far behind most of the time. Normally I take my Saturday or Sunday evenings to hammer a few out.

    I also like writing stuff up in drafts for rainy days when I just can't come up with a good topic.

  8. I normally write my posts a few days in advance but don't always set them to post until I'm ready. If I know I won't be able to post that day though, I do schedule them!

  9. I usually have my posts scheduled a week in advance


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