Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Broke My Face

I had all intents of doing a vlog today, but I woke up with a giant swollen eye, and decided not to subject anyone to that lovely view. I scratched my eyelid while at the daycare orientation on Tuesday, and it's kind of just gotten worse since then. I sat around this afternoon with a warm compress on, and it's kind of helped. If I don't think it's better by tomorrow, I'll go to the ER. I just need to figure out a time that it won't be insanely busy.

I dropped the girls off with a friend/neighbor this morning to give myself some free time. I can't wait for them to start daycare next week!! We only live 5-10 minutes from post, so it will be a million times more convenient than it was at Stewart. I'm excited for them to start here. My only complaints are that they won't be in the same room, and V's room will have six year olds in there since you have to be in first grade to participate in the school-aged activities.

While I was childless this morning I got a bunch of laundry and decluttering done. Hubster's mom comes next week and we still have some PCS clutter hanging around. I happen to suck when it comes to folding and putting clean clothes away, so a bunch of that was done.

For about 45 minutes I chatted with Sara from You and Me are We. She does blog consults and is positively fabulous! She pointed out some areas where I might be able to make changes for the better and answered all of my questions. It was an overall wonderful experience. 

I'd like to try again for a video tomorrow, but I highly doubt I'll be camera ready.Pray that I don't wake up with a golf ball on my face. I'm trying so hard not to touch it, but it's irritated and annoying.

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  1. I had a great time chatting with you, too! It's nice to hear that you had a wonderful experience - that means I'm not wasting your time and I'm helping, which has always been my ultimate goal with consults. Thanks for the kind words :)


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