Thursday, June 6, 2013

We Took Back The Mac

Oops. As I was typing my post yesterday and talking about how the PX had the MacBook Pro for $10 cheaper than anywhere else, I realized that Apple has a website for government employees with discount prices. After a quick Google search, I was on the Apple Store for Government site. Thankfully, I hadn't opened up our MacBook from the PX and was able to return it.

Now, not everything is available at a discounted price. Like I'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to new iPhones, but we were able to buy the same exact MacBook Pro for $999 on the website vs $1189 at the PX and $1199 everywhere else. There was $42-ish in tax, but it was still less than what we paid originally. Even after adding three years of AppleCare and tax, the MacBook online was $50 cheaper than the PX one with the two-year PX protection plan. Score.

Special pricing is available to active, former and retired military members as well as their families. Employees of local and state government agencies are also eligible for this offer. Nice, huh? We opted for the free shipping for our MacBook which will only take five days.

And, as an even sweeter deal, members of the military (at least the Army) can download Microsoft Office for just $9.99 through AKO. I'm not sure what the other branches call their system, DKO(?), but Office for both PC and Mac are available for download there with a valid .mil account.

Next time you consider buying an Apple product, make sure to check out their government website!

Are you a Mac or PC user?

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  1. Nice! We currently have a PC but I wanted to try a Mac someday.

  2. When I bought mine in late 2011 the PX had them on sale for 989, it was awesome haha. :)

  3. I got mine at the PX, with tax here it was cheaper but just an FYI you can open it and use it for 10 days or 2 weeks (I can't remember which) it's still returnable to the PX.

  4. You are going to love the MAC best thing ever when it comes to computers.

  5. Well shucks! If only we would have waited for me to see this post!

  6. Wow, this is really good information. Thanks for sharing!


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