Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bad Mommy

Boy, oh boy! It's already been one of those days and we're only a couple hours into the afternoon. We've still got a whole lot of hours and an outing before bedtime but I feel like quitting for the day already. Potty training is frustrating the hell out of me and like usual, mealtime has been a pain in the butt. Nap time has come and gone with out there being an actual nap. And here I am.. Sitting on the living room floor feeling like the worst mom ever because lunch was a bowl of grapes with a couple gummy bears and there are two little tired faces next to me that are covered in boogers.

It only took a few seconds from there to get me thinking. I am nowhere near being the worst mom ever. Except for when they're only wearing a diaper and throwing a fit, my babies are usually clothed, fed and happy. It boggles my mind that the same doesn't go for every other little one.

Yesterday, after I picked up V from daycare, I was sitting in the parking lot trying to finish gluing a "welcome home" poster before dropping it off for the Solider. A car pulled up into the spot next to mine and I seriously couldn't help but stare at the mother and the dude in the passenger's seat. The two little girls in the back seat were not buckled in to booster seats, seat belts or anything; they weren't even sitting in the seats. They were standing and wrestling between the front and back rows. Their mother, smoking a cigarette inside the car.

I try not to pass judgement but in situations like that, it's hard not to. I called the MP's to let them know about the kids with no seat belt. Who knows what happened or if they even showed up.

One of the speakers from the class that I was taking said the neglect was the most common form of child abuse on post. It's sad that people have no interest in taking better care of their kids. Sure, it's difficult, but it isn't that hard.

Ahh.. Peace and quiet. My babies are finally quietly asleep and I can go back to feeling like Super Mom again.


  1. You are always a Super mom and nothing is going to change that girl. Feel free to feel as one.

  2. I fully understand--I've been there, done that, worn that t-shirt.

    I am now following you via gfc.

  3. I had a similar moment when I was watching a woman at the pools kids because she was too busy suntanning/sleeping to be bothered. Ugh! Glad to have found you through the Bloggy Mom hop!
    Tracy @

  4. Isn't that awful? There are SO many of those around here, unfortunately! It makes me sad to see that because there are TONS of families that can't have children and would do just about anything to get one and then there's people like this that don't even really care... So sad.


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