Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Donate Phone Minutes To The Troops! For Free!!

Up until this deployment started, I never realized how much the USO does for the military and their families. Thanks to the USO I've been able to talk to Hubster for free on several occasions and recently, I sent him a photo book at zero cost to me. We've received a stuffed animal and other small goodies in the mail to help the girls deal with their daddy being gone for a year.

Because of our involvement with fraternities and sororities throughout college, Hubster and I are relatively familiar with donating time and money to various charitable organizations. We decided that going forward, we would do our best to make the USO one of the causes that we'd support. AOL has made it easy for everyone to do the same without ever even having to open their wallets.

The only thing you have to do in order to contribute to the cause is set AOL to your internet homepage. In addition, you can play a game or send a message to send even more minutes. You can click the link below for more info and to start donating!

AOL's Homepage for Heroes

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