Monday, June 4, 2012

Coming Home

It's been a little while since I've had a chance to post. Mostly because I've been busy with a unit within Hubster's Battalion coming home as well as going to my parents' for a little while. Each time I visit home, I'm reminded that it was a great decision for the girls and I not to move back for Hubster's year-long deployment. While there are tons of reasons why moving back in with my parents could have been a good thing, I feel like the negatives drastically outweigh the positives. The biggest negative factor being the lack of support.

Sure, my parents would be here and willing to help if I really needed them to. But, they have their own lives to live and jobs to tend to. The majority of my friends either go to school or work full time and none of them have kids. So I end up staying home all day with not much to do. Plus, at the end of a long shift, no one wants to help watch two babies. And honestly, most friends/family members don't understand what it's like to have a deployed spouse.

The best part about staying near Hubster's base is the amount of support that spouses receive. The Army has all sorts of programs, classes and activities, most of which are free. In addition to those things are the various playgroups and get togethers that you can find on Facebook. Other wives from unit are often free to hangout since the majority are stay at home moms like myself.

Each month, the FRG has a coffee-type event for the spouses to meet up. That, plus the FRG meeting, guarantees that I'll have some adult time with other military families at least twice a month. Occasionally there is a Battalion event or just something that another Company may be doing that we get invited to.

After making it alone this time, there is no amount of saved BAH that could convince me to do otherwise.

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