Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bedtime. The Best Time.

Lately, it's been extremely rare for me to get a quiet moment during the day. Undoubtedly, nap times have not been matching up and there is just too much going on for me to sit down and have a minute to myself. Thankfully, there is this magical thing called bedtime. Most afternoons I find myself counting the hours until 8:30. Today was no different.

The day started out with a visit from some friends. V decided to poop her pants just as they were walking up the drive way. Quickly, I got her changed before the door bell rang. They hung around for a bit and then we were off to meet a new friend.

Coffee and adult time with Madeline was fantastic. Of course, it was impossible to get through with the frequent, "V, no." "V, please sit." "Eat your cookie please, V." We made it without any major interruptions and made plans to meet again next week. I had a great time hanging out with another mommy. But guess what.. Just as we were about to leave, V pooped her pants!

We kept chugging along to V's doctor appointment. I was able to get into the bathroom and get her changed and out just in time to hear her name called. While waiting on the doctor, baby A started to get fussy. Let me tell you, trying to juggle two cranky kids in a doctor's office by yourself is no fun. The assistant wasn't the friendliest creature either. And, right before the doctor came in, V pooped her pants. AGAIN!

Afterwards, our time at home was one tear-fest after another. Until finally, BEDTIME!

Baby A went first. She's usually pretty good about it. Not tonight. Fuss, fuss, fuss. She ended up crying herself to sleep. V went down half an hour later. With a bed full of stuffed animals. I'm convinced that she is destined to be a hoarded. Each night, one more doll gets added to the slumber party.

So here I am.. Watching Chelsea Lately, drinking my cup of green tea. I can't think of any better way to end the day. Except maybe with a glass of wine.

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