Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting Ready to PCS

So it turned out that the family that came to check out our house last week had a crappy credit score. We were still willing to rent to them since their current landlord said they were good people, and they had good jobs, BUT, yesterday a second family came by to check out the house. They also fell in love and had to have it. They left our house and went immediately to the office to fill out the application. Their credit rocked, so they were able to sign a lease right then and there.

I'm excited by the fact the the house was so easy to rent. It was on the market for just over a week and got two serious inquiries. Why did it rent so quick? Who knows. It could be because it's PCS (permanent change of station) season and there are tons of new Soldiers and their families flooding into the area. Maybe because it was a great price. Or maybe because of our open plan which is good for entertaining. Whatever it was, it means that now WE have to find somewhere to live.

I've been scouring for a nice place for us to settle for six months. Since it's only 6 months, I'm not overly concerned with it being the perfect dream home (and thankfully so, because I can't find anything even close). We won't even be unpacking the majority of our boxes.

In the mean time, I've created a PCS binder for myself. An idea that I'm stealing from Jen (The Adventures of Our Army Life). I've started making all sorts of checklists, so that we don't forget anything in the process. The movers will be here in less than two weeks, so it's probably time to get started with throwing crap out.

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  1. So glad you made a binder! It's such a life saver! :-)

  2. LOL ... I loved Jen's use of the binder! That's awesome. And congrats on renting your house!!!! So quickly too!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. Hi Alejandra, I came across your blog through the Wednesday Walkabout! I'm looking forward to getting to know you through your blog!

  4. Now that is awesome on the quick rental! There are so many available here, we'll probably be sitting on ours and paying mortgage and rent... BLAH! It went so fast because of that sweet ass kitchen you have.... Just sayin! I have yet to start our own PCA stuff.... But we might not be moving until Aug now since the man-child's school doent start until the end of Aug.... I still have time right?!?!?! ;) ^ months isn't very long, but with not enough room can seem like forever, make sure you have room! Totally looking into Jen's planner as well and bookmarking it! Get your butt moving girl! :)

  5. Dang! That's great news! I am so glad things worked out for you guys!!! Jen is amazing! Next time we PCS I am definitely going to have to be more organized!

  6. Hey Alex!! I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. To see the instructions to accept the award check out my blog!
    We don't "PCS" in Canada, we get posted, but PCS has such a better ring to it! Good luck to you and I'm saving this post to remember when for our next move to make a binder too!


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