Friday, March 1, 2013

Change is Coming! Again!

I am so super excited to announce that I caved and bought a domain! And I got it for a steal! $1.49 for an entire year. I couldn't pass that up! I've been wanting to get away from the Army Wife Mommy Life name for a while because it's just so blah. Not very creative at all. I still wanted to keep a name that would attract other moms and military wives though. Soo.. I came up with: Munchkins and the Military.

In the future you'll be able to find me at

Right now I'm working on a brand new layout (I know I just switched it like two weeks ago) to go with the brand new name. And then I'll switch the actual blog over. I'm super excited and hope that you'll all continue to follow me. (:

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  1. So excited for you!! I love the new name!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. Ahhhhhh LOOOOVE IT!!!! Looks Fab hun!! And like I said, I am so lovin' the name!! What a great price! I got mine for $10 for the year :P Good deals all around! Have updated you in my Blogs I Ove list now too! ;)

  3. Love the new name!

  4. Just found your blog! I'm so excited to be following along and learn more about your story. I am also a military wife and blogger. I'm always looking for other milspouse bloggers to connect with. Glad I found you!



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