Saturday, March 9, 2013

Liebster Award

I am so excited to say that I made it to and past 200 followers on GFC in the past couple of days. Thank you so much to all of my old and new lovely followers. Being that I'm have over 200 blog followers, I'm no longer eligible for the Liebster Award. However, Lisa from Sorority Life to Army Wife caught me just in time; probably at 199 or so! So, here are the rules:

The Rules:
Answer the 11 questions asked.
Leave a link back to the blogger that nominated you.
Nominate 11 bloggers with fewer than 200 followers and let them know they’ve been picked. (See Below)
Write 11 new questions for them to answer. (See Below)

1. First three movies in your Netflix queue?
We do the streaming version of Netflix, so the first three in my instant queue are Arthur, Bonnie Bear, and the Fresh Beat Band.
2. Where is your dream vacation?
After taking our first cruise a few years ago, Hubs and I have pretty much agreed that cruising is the only type of vacation we'll ever do. So a week to two-week cruise to any tropical ports would be our type of dream vacation.
3. How long have you been blogging?
Pretty much since freshman or sophomore year in high school. That's close to 10 years. Holy crap that makes me feel old! I had a DeadJournal, and then a LiveJournal, and eventually I started designing my own webpages and blogging there. I've been doing this current blog for almost a year and just before this one, I had a Tumblr specifically for Hubs to read during deployment.
4. Sweat pants, yoga pants, or something else?
I'm a fan of no pants. If I absolutely have to wear pants though, any of the above will do. Even jeans if they have enough stretch in them and aren't too tight.
5. Do you prefer road trips or all-inclusive vacations?
I HATE driving! Hate, hate, HATE! It's kind of annoying with being a military family and having to drive insane distances every so often. So I would definitely choose the all inclusive. Cruises are almost all inclusive.. (:
6. What TV show is your guilty pleasure?
It used to be Keeping Up With the Kardashians and any of the spin-off shows, but they just annoy the hell out of me now. I'm still a fan of reality stuff though. At the moment I can't think of anything in particular except for The Taste which I started watching to get an Influenster badge. 
7. Home-cooked meals or take-out?
Definitely home-cooked. The meal planning thing is helping a ton with that. As long as I don't get into a rut with the same dishes over and over again, I don't mind cooking. Cleaning up is a whole different story though.
8. If you could time travel, where and when would you go?
I think it would be either to the 1920's Great Gatsby-ish era or the 1960's Mad Men.
9. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Eek! I really can't say. I suck as a girl. I'm really not a huge Disney fan. However, I do enjoy this Beauty and the Beat video.

10. Do you write blog posts ahead of time?
Not usually. I try to occasionally, but a lot of my posts have to do with what happened on a particular day, so it isn't really possible to write those ahead of time.
11. What do you like most about your significant other (if you have one)?
Single? What do you look for in a significant other?

He's very thoughtful and kind (to me at least) and he takes good care of the girls and I. Occasionally he even gets up on the weekends before me to take care of the babies.

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1. Where would you like to live for the rest of your life?
2. What are the first websites you check when you get onto the computer?
3. What inspires you to blog?
4. Are you a cat or dog person? Why?
5. Do you have any strange or interesting hobbies?
6. What would your ideal weekend consist of?
7. Describe the best trip you've ever taken.
8. What is your favorite recipe to cook for yourself?
9. What were your thoughts on your spouse/significant other, the first time you met them?
10. Out of all of the household chores, which is your least favorite?
11. If your TV had to get stuck on one channel for ever, which channel would you choose?

Looking forward to reading your answers! (:

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  1. Congrats on your Liebster girl :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. Congrats friend! :) Have a great weekend.

  3. Congratulations, girl! And thank you for the nomination :) I love these questions & can't wait to sit down & answer them tonight after the kiddos get in bed.

  4. thanks my dear! i am glad i am one of your favorite 9 :)

  5. Go me! Can't wait to answer them. :)

  6. Congrats on the Leibster…and an even BIGGER congrats on hitting 200! Good for you!

  7. got it all done now :) see my blog for your liebster award answers!


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