Saturday, March 23, 2013

That Was Quick

Good news! The family that came to check out our house on Thursday, is interested in renting it! All we're waiting for now is their credit to check out, and we'll be good to go! It's such a relief that the first (and only) people who came to take a look at the house are interested. I now have one less thing to worry about when it comes to PCSing.

I creeped around the neighborhood while the family and realtor were here. They looked like decent people, which gives me hope that our house won't be trashed when they move out. In the event that it doesn't check out with this family, there are also others who are interested in house.

This weekend will be spent getting stuff ready for the move. We'll be doing a partial DITY (do it yourself) move, which means that the movers will take the majority of our belongings, and we'll take the rest ourselves. We'll be compensated for expenses, mileage, and weight of the items that we move ourselves.

I've started making lists and putting together a binder to help keep ourselves organized and keep track of all of our paperwork and receipts. We read the general rules last night, and there isn't anything too crazy. Mostly your common sense stuff.

This is my second time doing a partial DITY move, so I hope to be able to enlighten some newer military spouses.

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  1. Yay for getting your house rented! I love doing partial-dity's! :)

  2. Hey Alex! So glad you were able to rent your house!!! Just added your button to my page as well! Thanks so much!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Awesome! I want to hear how it goes. We had planned on doing a DITY last time we moved, but decided with me being pregnant it would be easier not to!

  4. Yay for potential renter! I kinda like partial dity moves... except if we ever move, I'm going to be the one carrying majority of the goods + dogs. Which I'm not looking forward to that part.

  5. Well congrats on half way getting your house rented.
    I know that must feel amazing to have that off your shoulders.
    We are PCSing for the first time soon with a dog and a newborn,
    so if you're offering up any advice, I'd love to hear (:

  6. good luck with it all. it is so nice when you find a good family to rent your house to. best wishes and don't forget to Viggle!

    1. Hahaha!! Thank you for the reminder!! It's been a while since we've checked in. (:


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