Sunday, May 19, 2013

Carnival Liberty - Western Caribbean - Day 2

Our first full day on the cruise was a day at sea. The Western Caribbean is much further than I anticipated. There was plenty for us to do, but we really didn't do much. Just relax.

The started out at the Punchliner Comedy Brunch. They had a menu that was completely different from the everyday breakfast menu. I'm not a huge George Lopez fan so I found some of the jokes on the menu to be pretty dumb. The comedian comes in at scheduled times, but you can show up at anytime that the brunch is happening. I was disappointed that the comedian preformed for less than five minutes. Breakfast was good though! 

We didn't do much after breakfast. Pretty much just lounge. Unfortunately, all of my Fun Times were packed in my suitcase that was stolen, so I can't comment on what was going on around the ship. No biggie though, I took enough pictures to remember what we did. 

We didn't lounge for long since at 12:30 we had a meet and greet for our Cruise Critic roll call. There were close to 75 people attending so Hubs and I made sure we got there early. For a while we people watched and when the organizers arrived, we went and signed in to receive our name tags and wristbands. We sat for a little while longer waiting to be let in. Once we were allowed into the lounge, we found seats and started ordering drinks. The organizer set it up so that we could have open bar for an hour. It only cost $9 plus tax person, which is pretty much the cost of one drink. The group we sat with was all from Canada. Honestly, we didn't have much in common, but still had fun throwing back drinks. 

After the meet and greet we stopped by the art auction, which thankfully was just about over. Hubs loves going to the art things, but I personally think they're a waste of time. Much of the art is ugly, and anything that I like costs thousands of dollars. They do have free champagne though. Not good champagne, but it's free so I guess it's acceptable.

Following the art auction, we really did nothing. We headed up to the Serenity deck to lay out for a bit. Somewhere between lounging and more lounging, we got Guy's burgers for lunch. Tip here: don't order a Plain Jane. Those seemed to be sitting out the longest and were kind of dry. 

Hubster stepped away for a bit and while he was gone, booked us for a spa appointment before dinner. Basically, we lounged out in the sun until it was time to head to the spa. I recall waking up to some drool. What can I say, laying up on a hammock is relaxing. 

At the spa Hubster had his face shaved and I got my scalp, shoulders and feet massaged. The shave wasn't with a blade, like you would imagine, since we're rocking at sea they use a regular razor to avoid accidents. Hubs booked us so that both treatments would end at the same time and we could go get ready for the first elegant dinner.

Elegant night featured lobster tails, like they normally do. Hubs had two or three. I'm not exactly a fan of sea food, so I stayed away from that. For dessert I also stayed away from my norm, which is the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake, and had the apple pastry. It was just meh. Kinda pretty but not very tastey. Oh well. I tried something new and it didn't work out.

We finished dinner with just enough time to make it to the comedy club. As usual though, there is never enough seating. The guy performing was the same guy from breakfast. While he was funny, everything that he did was in song format, so it got kind of old. He even started out with the same few minutes that he had already said at breakfast. Once the first act was over, we headed to bed. The second act wasn't directly following, and we didn't want to wait. I guess they did that to avoid the insane crowds that form in the Punchliner.

All in all, it was a good day. Not too much adventure, but honestly that wasn't what I went on vacation for.

For tomorrow: Cozumel, Mexico. We did a Mexican cuisine cooking class that we absolutely LOVED. It took some coercing to get Hubster to agree, but once I mentioned open bar, he was all for it.

Carnival Liberty Western Caribbean:

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  1. oh fun! i loved the melted chocolate cake on the cruise. the cheesecake is not bad either. glad you took pics! ahhh, to cruise again!

  2. I am looking to go on a cruise however we would have to take the baby with us (once he is finally arrives! lol) as hubby likes "family Vacations."


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