Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Early Morning

My day started nice and early right around 12:15. V was screaming because we locked her door, which led to the baby also waking up. I never thought that once the girls hit the toddler phase, we'd still be up all night fighting to try to get them to sleep. Hubs ended up sleeping on the floor next to V's bed, and I spent the night in our bed with Adri on my chest. Needless to say, it wasn't the way I wanted to start my day.

Fast forward a few hours later to 6:30. This was the real wake up time. It was hard. I was still exhausted from trying to comfort Adri and not lose her in our bed. For obvious reasons, I wasn't the happiest camper when V showed up next to my bed. Oh well, that's mommy life.

For breakfast, I tried my first ever green smoothie. A friend of ours was telling us that we needed to get  a NutriBullet to make our smoothies, but our blender worked just fine for simple spinach and banana. I guess the selling point of the NutriBullet is that you can throw in whole fruits, and instead of juicing, drink the entire fruit. Oh well. I'm more than happy with spinach, banana, and strawberries. It was quite delicious actually. I've heard that the spinach kind of just picks up the taste of whatever else is in the mix, and it was completely true.

Today will consist of some cleaning up around the house, and hopefully finishing laundry. We finally cleared out all of the boxes from downstairs. There are a few waiting upstairs, but they're mostly full of linen or towels. We'll also be going for a nice little drive around Adri's nap time. She hasn't napped in four days and it's making me crazy! Hopefully driving does the trick.

This afternoon, hopefully while Adri is napping, I also hope to do some experimenting with strawberries. I bought a lovely large box when I went grocery shopping yesterday. I'm going to try making them into the Fruit Roll-up type snacks that I've seen on Pinterest. I'll also be cutting a few up to freeze them for easy smoothie usage. I thought about also trying to dip some in chocolate, but we'll see what I have left after those first two projects.

Have a great day! Be nice to each other!

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  1. I hope your day has gone smoother! Hugs!

  2. We just bought a blender and I'm loving it (so far) I've been making strawberry banana smoothies, milkshakes, one strawberry banana mango smoothie, and one raspberry mango smoothie. Soo yummy and easy way to get fruit!

  3. I would be a terrible mother because I sleep like the dead. Hope they tired themselves out, so you can have an early bedtime tonight!

  4. I definitely have to try this because I have been so skeptical of spinach in a smoothie.
    That ... and I need a damn blender! So tired of not having one right now! That's it ... I'm shopping Amazon!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  5. Mmm, strawberries..

    I hope you get more sleep tonight.

  6. Stopping by from Wed. Walkabout! Interested to know how the fruit roll-ups turned out!

  7. Dipping them in chocolate is totally worth sacrificing a couple of roll ups!

  8. I hope things are getting better and your little one is napping. Looking forward to how your strawberry ventures turn out! :)


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