Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Carnival Liberty - Western Caribbean - Day 3

I'm almost positive that Cozumel, Mexico was my very most favorite port on this cruise. Hubster and I had so much fun doing our Mexican Cuisine excursion. I managed to convince our tablemates to join the excursion as well, and I'm pretty sure they had a great time.

Our day started with a knock on the door. I ordered room service the night before to be delivered in time to wake us up. Hubster and I got ready to head ashore while munching on croissants and sipping our coffee. Once we were ready, we made our way down to Deck 0, where we were pretty much off instantly.

In Mexcio, we started off by going through the Dufry duty-free shops at the end of the pier. There were tons and tons of different tequilas, amongst other touristy things. We looked around a little bit, before exiting into more touristy stores at the cruise terminal. We had some time to spare before the start of our excursion, which led us to wander. I was on the quest for free wi-fi, which I didn't find, and Hubster was looking to purchase some decorative plates for his grandaunts.

When it was time for the excursion to start, our tour guide led us to a bus which transported us to Playa Mia, an all inclusive beach resort. We started in a building that had a bunch of stoves and work stations. The point was for us to make our own lunch, and then spend some time on the beach. Before we started cooking, we had to do something very important first. Order drinks. Each student started out with two frozen drinks. At 9:00am...

After the drinks we ordered, we washed our hands, and started with the food. We worked backwards from dessert to appetizer. First we caramelized some plantains and made this delicious chocolate tequila sauce. Next was a fish entree. I honestly don't remember what type of fish, but Chef Oscar assured us that it had a very mild nonfishy taste. I'm not a seafood fan, but fine. We also made a spicy sweet sauce for that. And then, to my horror, shrimp as the appetizer. The shrimp got all cooked and pink, and then we started on the tortilla thing. It ended up being something like a bowl with shrimp on the edge. To my surprise, the shrimp actually wasn't that bad and I enjoyed the meal. Husbster, on the other hand, was five or six margaritas in and couldn't even finish. Oops.

After lunch, we were free to roam the facility. There was a beautiful beach with plenty of chairs and some trampolines out in the water. We spent some time swimming, but ended up abandoning the beach in favor of the pool, because the bar was closer to the pool. There were a couple of families with younger children at the pool. I spoke to one mom who had kids around the age of our little guys, and she said that the kids were having a good time.

In the pool, we drank like fish, Hubster rode the giant water slides a couple of times, but mostly, we just lounged and socialized. The pool area was beautifully built. There was a huge section for kids and a giant adult pool. A small bridge led to the jacuzzi which was in the center of the pool. At one end of the pool, the water cascaded over the edge into a blue tiled lounge pool. There were concrete lounge chairs built into the shallow pool. Freaking phenomenal!

We didn't get to spend as much time as we would have liked lounging at the resort, but we still had a good time. If we really wanted to stay, we could have just taken the taxi back instead of the tour bus.

Back at the ship it was up to the Serenity Deck which is basically all we did until dinner time.

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  1. I'm so jealous. What a great trip.

  2. You guys are so adorable! Love the pictures. :)

  3. This def. looks like the best day so far!

  4. love these post! loads of fun. glad you liked the fish even though you are not a fish fan!

  5. Sounds like the prefect vacation!

    Following you now from the Tuesday Blog Hop!

    Bev @ Give me a paintbrush

  6. That food looks amazing! We did a salsa & salsa excursion on our cruise last spring. So much fun!

  7. What an amazing trip! Great pictures!

  8. There are also tours of the ancient Mayan Mr Sanchos Cozumel civilizations for your enjoyment. The interior of the island is underdeveloped covered by thick forest and lagoons making it home to many birds and small mammals.


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