Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mil Spouse Appreciation Day!

Howdy all! I was going to write about Military Spouse Appreciation Day and being an Army wife, but really, what is there to write about? The majority of my blog friends are military wives, so you all go through it too.We move, he deploys, we move again; over and over again. It's really not that interesting of a life. Exciting sometimes, but mostly a pain. 

An aspect about military life that I don't love is packing and unpacking. The movers came and dropped our household goods today. Thankfully almost everything made it in one piece. This place is already feeling more like home. Having our furniture really helps, and I am thankful to not have to spend another night on our deflating air mattress. 

Some of our furniture items have a collection of stickers on them. For the most part, I like to leave the movers inventory stickers on almost everything. I sort of feel like it gives the piece somewhat of a history. At this point we have orange, yellow, and blue. 

Aside from getting our stuff, nothing super exciting happened today. Potty training is excruciatingly frustrating! I feel like I've tried everything. We might be going back to the treat route though. 

We took Caesar to the dog park on post today. Since we don't have a great yard for him, this was perfect!! He ran like a beast! My boy is pure muscle. There were some poorly trained dogs with dumb owners that got into it with other dogs, but I was proud at how my boy handled it. I expect that we'll be returning a couple times a week. 

No real plans for this weekend, but I'm praying that next weekend is shopping spree weekend. We submitted our insurance claim this morning for the items stolen from our car last week. It totaled over $11,500. Insane right?! We came to the conclusion that we needed to further increase our personal property insurance. You'd be surprised at how much everything you own is worth. I know we most likely wont get that full amount because of some high priced items, but I'm hoping that we get something close. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I agree with keeping inventory stickers. They're little badges of honor and reminders of good memories.


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