Friday, May 24, 2013

I'd Like To Check You For Ticks

If only our tick experience was as romantic as Brad Paisley's..

I have no clue where it came from, but we discovered a tick on V. We had been playing in the back yard, but I made sure that the girls stayed on the concrete patio and avoided the grass since the lawn man hasn't been by in two weeks and the grass is pretty high.

After lunch and once Adri was put down for nap time, V and I took a shower. Is it weird that I let my three year old shower with me? It happens. I needed to shower and she insisted on joining. Anyway, in the shower I washed her hair well with shampoo and conditioner and didn't feel a thing, which further leads to my concern. A few hours later, there the tick was. Along with a hysterical toddler. Hubs checked the dog and there was nothing on him.There was nothing on the baby, and nothing on mom or dad.

Coincidentally, I was reading all about ticks the day before this happened. How you need to use tweezers and grab them as close to the skin as possible and avoid squeezing their stomachs so that you don't push all of their yuckies back into the person. Also, what I read said to avoid using alcohol or anything like that to get them off to avoid them regurgitating their yuckies.

Since then, I've felt itchy all over. I'll spare you the image of the nasty little critters, but I will share everything that I bought to combat against them. I was most worried about my house being crawling with all of these things, but it turns out they even make a solution for that.

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  1. Oh wow! That's crazy! I hope you don't find anymore.

  2. Omg! Gross and scary and glad you were well-read on the matter right before it happened.

  3. Ticks are never fun. I went camping a lot as a kid and I would find them on me. Unfortunately, they are pretty common in that part of Missouri. I hope you don't find any more!

  4. Uggggg!!!! Hubs had 2 ticks on him last week! He didn't notice them until the next day, which means he slept in our bed... And we, well ya know.. ;p I felt the creeps all evening after that!!! Checked all over everyone, including myself, checked and washed the bedding.... Evil evil things!!! Weird that it wasn't there before and then got on her.... Maybe it was tracked in and then she laid down somewhere?!? :(

  5. ticks are very very common here as I have been learning. always wlays check for ticks after your kids have been outside playing my daughter had one on her head weve had alot of tick encounters here all you can do is keep vigilant on checking!!


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