Thursday, May 23, 2013

Carnival Liberty - Western Caribbean - Day 5

While Belize didn't quite live up to our expectations, I'm happy to say that Isla Roatan was much better. Not that we didn't totally enjoy Belize, it just wasn't an ideal cruise destination. At least not where they dropped us off.

Hubster and I woke up on the fifth day of our cruise in Isla Roatan. Since we didn't have anything specific planned, we took our time with breakfast and getting off of the ship. There was an amazing view from aboard the cruise. You could see the beach, tropical plants, and there were a couple of really neat looking sunken ships near the port.

Upon leaving the ship, we made our way to the skyride. In my Top 10 Tips for cruisers, I mentioned that excursions are normally more expensive on board. However, in this case, it was actually one cent cheaper to buy your ticket onboard. The ride was only about five minutes and it took you to the sandy beach area. Unless you you really don't want to walk or you really want to ride the skyride, I'd suggests just walking. The chairs move relatively slow and walking is faster. We got a beautiful view of the island and the ships in port though.

We took a round trip on the skyride and decided to find an some sort of your to do. Hubs was really set on zip lining, so we searched for that. We thought that we could just buy the tickets for cheaper directly from the zip line people, but it ends up that you pay for zip lining with your Sail & Sign card, so it was the same price. There were lockers available at the little zip line shack, which came in handy since you aren't supposed to take anything with you. After a short instructional video, we were on our way up the mountain. A truck dropped us off to climb a little further by foot where we started. The first station was the shortest and easiest, and the progressively got longer and higher. Although the entire thing was about an hour, it only felt like we were actually moving for five minutes. Each line went pretty quickly, and much of the time was spent waiting to be able to go. We had a ton of fun though. Hubster loved it!

After zip lining, we rode the sky ride back to the beach. Since just about everyone was already at the beach, there was hardly any wait time. There were also hardly any chairs when we finally made it to the beach. At least not any chairs in a good proximity to the beach. Thankfully no one stole the backpack that was covered by our clothes. This part of the vacation was also when I realized that maybe I've gained a little too much weight. It was slightly embarrassing trying to wiggle out of the skintight capris (do people still call them that?) I was wearing. Oh well, I hope someone enjoyed my struggle. It's funny looking back at it now.

The beach only lasted for about a half hour. We wanted to make sure that we beat the rush of people getting in line to get back on the cruise. Before heading back though, we had to grab a beer. I wasn't going to be able to finish mine, so I had my frat boy husband chug it for me. 

Once back on the ship, we got some lunch and ordered a bucket of beer. When it was time to depart, we chose to hang out in the adult pool with some more drinks. Any type of frozen mango drink that I tried was delicious! 

Before dinner we went to one of the shows. They had a comedian/magician guy performing. What he does is super impressive, but since we had seen the same show before, I wasn't really impressed. 

Dinner was great as usual and left us stuffed. So, as usual, we went to bed right after dinner. 

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  1. How fun! I would love to go ziplining!

  2. This looks like such a neat place! I went zip lining once - a little scary at first but so much fun!

  3. A penny!? That's hilarious! Zip lining is so much fun and the sky ride in is very cool!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. Whaaa whaaa sounds like so much fun!

  5. fun! just love these posts! i think i would have walked too, but i am afraid of heights :(

  6. Reading your posts about your cruise is getting me excited for mine!! I love it all! :-)

  7. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like so much fun! :)


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