Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Like Hurricanes

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'd much rather live in the south and deal with hurricanes than live in the mid-west and live in fear of tornados. At least in the south I have a week of warning to prepare myself and seek shelter. 

My anxiety levels have been through the roof for the past couple hours. I nearly just died when I heard the dog snoring and was convinced that it was the ominous sound of the train coming that everyone tells me to fear. Earlier, one of the friends that I was chatting with said that she could tell that I was from Florida. 

Are tornado warnings no biggie to everyone else?! All I see is this red curtain of doom approaching our two-story, no-basement townhouse. I've downloaded three different Doppler apps to ensure that I don't miss a thing. The thunder is approaching and making me even more nervous. Remind me that unless we're loving in Florida, to never get a house without a basement again. 

Since I sleep so soundly and I'm afraid of not hearing the sirens, I probably won't be falling asleep for a little while.

Hope everyone else is having a better evening!

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  1. I swear, they aren't that bad! I've never been through a hurricane, but we get typhoons here. I guess it's the same as a hurricane. The Japanese are smart though and everything is built out of concrete. We've gone through 3 typhoon seasons so far (with at least 6 or 7 typhoons) and all has been fine every time.

  2. Scary! I don't think I've ever been through something like this... I've done typhoons before. I hope everything will be okay though!

  3. Stay safe! Tornado season is never a fun one, but you get used to it. Growing up, and even now, if a warning is issued people will look outside before taking shelter. Odd I know, but it is what we crazy Missourians do.

    Seriously though, I heard the weather is pretty bad up there. I hope you guys are safe. I never had a basement growing up and it sucked taking shelter in a closet.

  4. if you get a weather radio it can go off for warnings and you probably wouldn't sleep through it since it's very loud!

  5. I grew up in Texas, where we get tornadoes, but don't have basements (it would literally require dynamite in order to have a basement). They still freak me out! We live in Mississippi now, where we get tornadoes CONSTANTLY. I have our emergency kit in the bathroom that we hide in during a warning, so I don't have to worry about finding it every time. I just have to grab the kid and the dogs and the mattress!

  6. Stay Safe ... that is all!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  7. It was definitely a stressful few days! My Mom lives in Arkansas and I worried about her every second that storm lasted. Thankfully it was just a thunderstorm and all is well again. :)


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