Saturday, May 25, 2013

Carnival Liberty - Western Caribbean - Day 6

After the third day of the cruise in Mexico, Grand Cayman is a close runner up for the best day on the cruise.

Arrival in Grand Cayman wasn't until 10:00 am, so Hubster and I took our time. As we were eating breakfast, we pulled up along side the Carnival Magic. One of their newest ships. Since we're kind of Carnival addicts we kept trying to peek through the dining room windows to see the ship. After breakfast, we just decided to go outside and take a look. It looked spectacular. Nice big brightly colored water slides, a rock climbing wall, and just a generally larger ship than we had ever been on.While we were outside, we could also see the shore, and it didn't look like much. I was hoping and praying that it wouldn't be another Belize.

We had to tender to shore once again, but this time it was only a five minute ride. Since it was so quick, and they had plenty of boats to tender, there was hardly a wait at all. At the pier, we were given a map of Grand Cayman. There weren't really any beaches that we saw in the vicinity, but we did see a Margaritaville.We had a fantastic time at the Margaritaville in Grand Turk, so we decided to check this one out. It even looked like there was a pool.

It took a little bit to find the Margaritaville since it was on the second floor of a shopping-ish center. We climbed up the stairs and were excited to see a pool. With a pool bar! We love pool bars. Although the pool was kind of small, it even had a water slide that Hubster enjoyed. And that's it. That's all we did all day.

We were the only two people in the pool for what felt like hours, so we had the bartender all to ourselves. We chatted a whole bunch while he was between taking orders from around the pool. Down-under Dan was the nickname appointed to him for the afternoon, but being that he's from Australia, I'm sure he hears that a lot. Dan made us tons of drinks with lots of top shelf liquor and only charged us for some drinks at well prices. Good things happen when you make friends with the bartender.

Basically we stayed at the bar for the entire time that we were in Grand Cayman. I have no clue what other things there are to explore, but I really don't care. We had an absolute blast! The only reason that this didn't beat out Mexico, is because in Mexico we actually did something. Dan was fantastic and really kept us entertained though.

For some reason, the sixth night was the other elegant night. I'm not sure why they didn't just leave it for the next night which was a sea day, but obviously I'm not a Carnival executive, so I don't get to make that call. We thought about going to the comedy show on this night, but that didn't happen. Like usual, we went to bed. Such exciting adults we are. 

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  1. fun! i bet that slide was spectacular. i would have been on it the whole time. was that a cool gear type cup with your drink in it?? LOL!

  2. SO fun!!!! :) This day looks amazing.

  3. So fun! We went on a cruise last year and one of our stops was Grand Cayman. We saw that same ship!

  4. Looks like so much fun! Love the pictures! :)


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