Wednesday, May 1, 2013


About a week ago the very lovely Misty from Monkeys and Tutus tagged me in her Old School Blogging post. I waited until today to answer, since it happens to be Hubster and I's anniversary! Yay! Since the questions are love related, I figured today would be the perfect time to answer them. Thanks to the Army (kinda), we'll be spending it apart though. He's driving one car, and I'm driving the other to our new home. The good thing is that we're not driving for super long today, so we'll be able to spend part of the day together.

1. How did your husband pop the big question?
He likes to make a huge production out of everything, so he did it at his ROTC end of the year dining out. He even had a cute little slide show to go with it. He got up to speak, and since we were sitting at the head table I didn't think anything of it at first. I had no clue about anything army related at the time. The old guy sitting next to him had spoken and I figured it was Hubster's turn. I was wrong. He mentioned how he was getting ready to move across the country and couldn't imagine going without me, even if it meant taking me away from Miami and flip flop weather.

2. What are the 3 most surprising things about married life?
1. It's not that hard. Or maybe I got lucky. Sure we have to work at keeping our relationship strong, but we're so compatible that it comes easy. We don't fight, and (just about) everything is a compromise.
2. We still have fun. Just because we're old married people, doesn't mean we have to act like it. We still wrestle and tease each other. He takes a bunch of abuse from me.

3. How did you find out you were pregnant for the first time?
Oh goodness. I hadn't been feeling well and was always exhausted. I happened to be flying to visit Hubster at training for the weekend, and told him to pick up a test on the way to pick me up from the airport. I felt like throwing up on the entire flight from St. Louis to Fort Leonard Wood. I was starving after landing so we went through the BK drive through. As soon as we got back to the room I peed on the stick which was followed by me throwing up and Whopper and fries. We spent that evening eating my feelings at Waffle House.

4. How did you choose your first babies name?
Strangely enough, we had both always wanted to name our daughter Veronica. We discussed the name before I was even pregnant. Once we found out I was pregnant we needed a middle name. He wanted Isabel, but I thought that was ugly and didn't flow correctly, so we agreed on Veronica Isabela.

5. Describe where you see yourself in 10 years?
Scary question.. Unless he gets some great opportunity, Hubs will more than likely be getting out of the Army. We'll probably be settling somewhere in Florida. However, I have no interest in going back to Miami. Hopefully we'll have three teens/preteens and I'll be able to find a decent job to help support the family while Hubs does law school.

6. Describe how you find bliss using words or images?
Merp. Our car was just broken into. I hate people. And they stole army shit. Grrr!!

Thankfully we're almost at our new duty station. Unfortunately I no longer have a laptop, so my posts will most likely be crappy cell phone posts for a little bit..

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  1. I love all of your answers except for the last one. :( I am so sorry that your car was broken into. People suck!

  2. Dang that sucks :( Sorry girl. But I love how he proposed to you. That's sweet. :)

  3. Love the proposal and the pregnancy story! Happy late anniversary!!! and sucktastic about the break in! Dang dirty people!

  4. Love your answers! So sweet! Sorry to hear about your car! That sucks! :(


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